UnOrdinary Woaba Boba

Woaba Boba is a drink store near Wellston High that sells boba tea. John and Seraphina hang out there, most of the time after school. John has also invited Arlo there.

Plot Edit

Project Partners Edit

After finally getting an 'A' (Actually an A-) on their literary analysis project, John and Seraphina celebrated by going to Woaba Boba together for the first time. [1]

Beginning Edit

John and Seraphina head to Woaba Boba for a drink after escaping the infirmary and see the news about the murder of a superhero by EMBER. [2]

True Colours Edit

John takes Arlo to Woaba Boba as repayment for giving him a file binder. [3]

Products Edit

As the name suggests, Woaba Boba sells boba tea in a variety of flavours, as well as coffee. John's favourite flavour is mango.

Employees Edit


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