UnOrdinary Woaba Boba

Woaba Boba is a drink store near Wellston High that sells boba tea. John and Seraphina hang out there.

Plot Edit

Project Partners Edit

After finally getting an 'A' (Actually an A-) on their literary analysis project, John and Seraphina celebrated by going to Woaba Boba together for the first time. [1]

Beginning Edit

John and Seraphina head to Woaba Boba for a drink after escaping the infirmary and see the news about the murder of a superhero by EMBER. [2]

True Colours Edit

John takes Arlo to Woaba Boba as repayment for giving him a file binder. [3]

Products Edit

As the name suggests, Woaba Boba sells boba tea in a variety of flavours, as well as coffee.

Employees Edit


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