Whirlwind is an ability that allows it users to manipulate air and airflow to form powerful whirlwinds that can push around others.

Description Edit

Upon activation, the users hands glow and coloured whirlwinds are generated from them. The whirlwinds take on the user's signature colour.[1] It is the first ability John copies.

Usage Edit

  • Aerokinesis: Users of this ability have been known to create powerful tornadoes that can send opponents flying.
  • Flight: Users are capable of using their ability to fly.[2]
  • Wind Blades: John, while mimicking this ability and Demon Claw, was able to throw fast-moving air sharp enough to leave deep cuts in Ventus and Meili. While this does appear to be a Whirlwind-based attack, it could be due to a combination of Demon Claw and Whirlwind.



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