W. H. Doe is the author of the controversial book Unordinary,[2] and the father of John Doe.



W. H. Doe appears to be a caring father and is probably an altruist of sorts due to his philosophy.


Two years before the story began, W. H. Doe wrote the book Unordinary.[2][3]

Powers & Abilities Edit

W. H. Doe is an influential writer as he has changed the ideals of many high-tiers with his book.[3]

It is also implied that W. H. Doe is capable of defending himself despite not having an ability, as evidenced by John saying that he learned how to fight from his father.[1]


  • John Doe: He is John's father. W. H. Doe dedicated his book to his son and is implied to have taught said son how to defend himself[1]. Like any good father, Mr. Doe is concerned for his son's well-being and calls him to check in on him every once in a while.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • He has yet to appear personally in the series.


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