Ventus is a student of Wellston Private High School and one of the bullies responsible for breaking John's phone.


Ventus has purple hair and scarlet eyes, which glow with a red light when his ability is activated. His speech bubbles are lilac.


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From what little is seen of Ventus, he, like every other student of Wellston despises John due to his low status. Like Meili, Ventus is also loyal to Arlo and has carried out various orders from the King without question.[1][2] However, Ventus has also displayed acts of loyalty to his allies as shown by his attempts to save Meili as well as his pleas to let him save her.[2]



Ventus, along with Meili were tasked by Arlo to break John's phone.[1]


When Arlo arrived at the Battlefield run some "errands" with John, Ventus and Meili were waiting there for him. Discretely, Arlo told the duo to lock him down, and while Meili scratched John with her claws, Ventus used his shockwave to knock him down.[3] Ventus then forced John into a bowing position while Arlo revealed that he orchestrated everything. Out of anger, John activated his ability, surprising and slightly cutting Ventus and Meili.[4]

UnOrdinary Ch55 8

Ventus and Meili perform a combo attack.

Both Ventus and Meili were the first to experience John's true ability and were easily overpowered by the "cripple". Despite the duo working together to take him down, John was able to successfully pin Ventus down and send Meili up into the air. Ventus begged John to let him save Meili, but John thrust his version of the Demon Claw into Ventus' back leaving his fate unknown.[2]

Elaine was tasked to heal both Ventus and Meili implying that both of them survived John's rampage. The wounds that the duo sported looked as if they were fighting mirror images of each other, according to Elaine.[5]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Ventus using his Whirlwind.
  • Ventus's Stats

Whirlwind: Ventus's ability Whirlwind grants him the ability to generate spinning funnels of wind from his hands and use them to send opponents flying.

Ability Whirlwind


  • Meili: Ventus is often seen partnered up with Meili, and appears to be a close friend of hers. This is further by his attempts to save Meili as well as his pleas to let him save her.[2]Elaine has also mentioned that "Even at Wellston, only a few can take on this duo."[5]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • A Ventus is a wind deity in Roman mythology.
    • Subsequently, ventus means wind in Latin.


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