A while ago, Gene divided John and Seraphina's biographies into story arcs as they were getting a bit too long. Should we do this for the chapter pages as well? Personally, I think it would help with organisation, as long as we made an 'Arcs' page explaining they are unofficial.

To recap, the arcs would be:

Beginning: (AKA Gavin is actually a recurring villain): Prologue to Chapter 7.

Kovoro Mall: (AKA John VS a pyromaniac and an invisible stalker): Chapter 8 to Chapter 12

Turf Wars (AKA Sera kicks @ss): Chapter 13 to Chapter 17

Investigation: (AKA Arlo schemes to make John miserable and Seraphina thinks about her backstory): Chapter 18 to Chapter 28

Suspension: (AKA Seraphina gets suspended for a month because of Unordinary and everyone beats up John): Chapter 29 to Chapter 35

Project Partners: (AKA Seraphina and John don't like each other and have to do a project together): Chapter 36 to Chapter 39

True Colours: (AKA John stops gelling his hair): Chapter 40 to ??? *Currently ongoing*

Comment below if you support this idea or not and if you think the chapters should be divided up differently.

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