After looking at all the ability pages, I noticed that the classifications were a bit too general and un-specific. "Fighting Ability" was used a lot, but that really applies to majority of the abilities in unORDINARY. As for usage, the same can be said of "fighting".

So what divisions could be used instead? I've thought up one that could divide all the known abilities into more precise and aesthetically pleasing groups.


  • Physical Self-Enhancement

Abilities that affect only the user and increases or alters their physical characteristics in some way.

Arachnid, Heat Palm, Stone Skin, Speed, Strength, Strong Punch, Super Strength, Invisibility

  • Projectile Generation

Abilities that create energy- or matter-based projectiles.

Energy Beam, Grenadier, Needles, Missiles, Lazor

  • Psychic / Mental

Abilities that affect the user and others' mental or psychological attributes

Lie Detection, Ability Gauging, Nightmare, Precognition, Mind Reading

  • Force Manipulation

Abilities that manipulate natural forces

Barrier, Time Manipulation, Lightning

  • Healing

Abilities that aid or facilitate mental or physical healing in the user or others

Healing, Regeneration


So comment on this new categorisation idea and tell me if you think it should be implemented or not. The transition should be fairly smooth as the "battle data" section is not heavily referenced outside of ability pages.

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