Hello fellow editors, moderators, and bureaucrats of unOrdinary Wiki. I was thinking about the future story arcs, because they are unofficial and we are coming up with them, so the question is this: how and when should we end one arc and start a new one?

Since this isn't officially provided by uru-chan, I suggest that we put it to a vote on this post anytime someone thinks we should start a new arc. If we decide that we should go from the current arc to the next one, then we suggest some names and agree on one. Following that, we make a new arc page, update the header in List of Chapters, add it to the chapters navbox and List of Arcs, as well as create the necessary header images and categories.

This, of course, is only the suggested guideline. We should have a more permanent set of guidelines, but this is what I'm suggesting for now, until we have a chance to all discuss it. As for when a new arc starts, I suggest that when any of the following three conditions are met.

1. When the setting shifts completely and changes for several chapters (e.g. Turf War Battlefield to Wellston or Wellston to Kovoro Mall)

2. When a significant event takes place (e.g. Seraphina's suspension) [Warning: This guideline is quite unclear, as people will have different ideas on what is significant]

3. When an ongoing plot point is tied up (e.g. The Wellston VS Agwin Turf War, Isen's investigation, the EMBER attacks etc')

Please comment below so we can decide on this matter as soon as possible, since tomorrow's chapter might actually need to be in a new arc.

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