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    Future Arcs

    May 10, 2017 by Wiktionary28

    Hello fellow editors, moderators, and bureaucrats of unOrdinary Wiki. I was thinking about the future story arcs, because they are unofficial and we are coming up with them, so the question is this: how and when should we end one arc and start a new one?

    Since this isn't officially provided by uru-chan, I suggest that we put it to a vote on this post anytime someone thinks we should start a new arc. If we decide that we should go from the current arc to the next one, then we suggest some names and agree on one. Following that, we make a new arc page, update the header in List of Chapters, add it to the chapters navbox and List of Arcs, as well as create the necessary header images and categories.

    This, of course, is only the suggested guidelin…

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    After looking at all the ability pages, I noticed that the classifications were a bit too general and un-specific. "Fighting Ability" was used a lot, but that really applies to majority of the abilities in unORDINARY. As for usage, the same can be said of "fighting".

    So what divisions could be used instead? I've thought up one that could divide all the known abilities into more precise and aesthetically pleasing groups.


    • Physical Self-Enhancement

    Abilities that affect only the user and increases or alters their physical characteristics in some way.

    Arachnid, Heat Palm, Stone Skin, Speed, Strength, Strong Punch, Super Strength, Invisibility

    • Projectile Generation

    Abilities that create energy- or matter-based projectiles.

    Energy Beam, Grenadier, Nee…

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    A while ago, Gene divided John and Seraphina's biographies into story arcs as they were getting a bit too long. Should we do this for the chapter pages as well? Personally, I think it would help with organisation, as long as we made an 'Arcs' page explaining they are unofficial.

    To recap, the arcs would be:

    Beginning: (AKA Gavin is actually a recurring villain): Prologue to Chapter 7.

    Kovoro Mall: (AKA John VS a pyromaniac and an invisible stalker): Chapter 8 to Chapter 12

    Turf Wars (AKA Sera kicks @ss): Chapter 13 to Chapter 17

    Investigation: (AKA Arlo schemes to make John miserable and Seraphina thinks about her backstory): Chapter 18 to Chapter 28

    Suspension: (AKA Seraphina gets suspended for a month because of Unordinary and everyone beats up John): …

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    So there are a lot of theories about unORDINARY floating around out there and since people tend to repeat them a lot, I thought I'd compile them into one post and rank how likely or plausible they are.

    There will be five ranks: Disproved, Unlikely, Possibly, Likely, and Practically Canon.

    Disproved is for the theories that were made before a chapter or something uru-chan posted on social media proved them wrong.

    Unlikely is for the theories that just don't make sense or don't have enough evidence to support them.

    Possibly is for the theories that could be true, but the evidence for them is limited or based off assumptions.

    Likely is for theories that have been backed up by sufficient canonical evidence and have a high chance of being proven true…

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    So I decided to make a blog post on some things I've noticed about the way uru-chan draws hairstyles or eyes or the colours in relation to the characters. Bear in mind that I'm no artist, so I won't use technical art terms to describe anything. If anything, there'll be more literature terms or colour symbolism.

    Well then, let's get started, shall we?

    Ok, so a lot of people have noticed that in the super-powered world of unORDINARY, John is literally one of the only two people with normal hair and eye colours. Black hair and brown eyes are the most common hair/eye colours in our world, but what does this say about John?

    His 'ordinary appearance' is an excellent use of irony. In our world, John would look completely ordinary, but in his world, …

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