• Elec squirrel10

    Nothing really special. Just some things that don't line up.

    • In Ch. 1 when Remi and Arlo are fighting over the last piece of cake, it is implied that Remi won. However, as Uru said, God-tiers are impossible to defeat by anyone outside of God-tier. Does this mean Remi won through bribery?
    • In the first bonus episode, it is said that John is the only person in the entire school who wears his vest, however, in Ch. 2, the victim of bullying is wearing a vest.
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  • Elec squirrel10

    Where to start... I dunno. Just gonna dump what I find here...

    By Elec_squirrel10

    3rd June - 4th June ~ Latest Chapter: 49

    List of all supernatural things we’ve seen him do:

    • Toss someone out of a window (his eyes were glowing at the time)
    • Sense someone’s presence
    • Beat up half a class

    So from this alone, I believe that his ability is to enhance his senses. A LOT. However, there are several possibilities after doing some looking through the chapters...

    In episode 10, he says ‘you wouldn’t get a reading from me anyways.’ BUT, even cripples have a reading! Their reading is 1.0. So for him to have no reading, there are 4 possibilities:

      His ability is above 10.0

    Which is the highest number on the standard gauging system in one of those  bonus chapters. …

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