The Standard Gauging System is the classification system used by ability gauges and other such people to measure the relative strength of an ability in unORDINARY.

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UnOrdinary Level Formula

The Standard Gauging System ranks abilities on a scale of 1.0 to 10.0, with people ranked at 1.0 being powerless.

Power levels are determined by the formula (P*M)/10 with P meaning potential of the ability and M meaning mastery of the ability.[1]


P stands for an potential and represents the base power of an ability. An ability's potential is hereditary and therefore cannot be altered.[1]


M stands for mastery and represents how well a user knows, controls, and uses their ability. Mastery can easily be altered depending on factors such as strength, range, accuracy, recharge rate, ingenuity of user, and so on.[1]


UnOrdinary Tier List

Every ability is categorised into one of the four tiers (and one sub-tier): low, mid, elite, and high (god being a subcategory of high-tier).[1] Colloquially, people prefer to use their tiers to show their strength rather than their exact ability level. In this story, this world's distribution consists of 30% low-tiers, 55% mid-tiers, 12% elite-tiers, and 2%high-tiers.[2] In some cases, it is possible for one to move up on the tier as implied by John's record.[3]

Low TierEdit

UnOrdinary Low Tier

Individuals with an ability level between 1.0 and 1.9 are considered low-tiers. Because of their weakness and defenselessness, low-tiers are considered the lowest social class and are treated as such.[1] Likewise, they take great pleasure in bullying the powerless.

Powerless individuals, better known by the slur cripple, have a level of 1.0 and are notable for having no natural superhuman ability. [4]

Currently, Lin[1] and William H. Doe[5] are the only canonical Low-tiers in unORDINARY with the latter being the first true cripple.

One special case is John; during his grade school and middle school years, he was once a low-tier with a level of 1.2, before his ability level rose to the point where he could best even a god-tier in combat.[3]

Mid TierEdit

UnOrdinary Mid Tier

Individuals with an ability level between 2.0 and 3.4 are mid-tiers, regular, everyday citizens of average power; mid-tier is also the most common tier and mid-tiers have the most diversity in terms of abilities.[1] Most individuals falling under this category are considered very powerful compared to low-tiers.

Known Mid-tiersEdit

Elite TierEdit

UnOrdinary Elite Tier

Individuals with an ability level between 3.5 and 4.9 are considered elite-tiers. The second-highest tier, these gifted individuals are not only extremely competent in combat, but also comprise some of the most well-respected social groups and take on positions of prestige and authority.[6]

Known Elite-tiersEdit

High TierEdit

UnOrdinary High Tier

Individuals with an ability level of 5.0 and above are the especially powerful high-tiers, a class of rare and extremely powerful people whose abilities easily trump most others without need of much strategy or finesse. Near-total mastery of their ability allows it to passively manifest. According to Keene, who is the head of security at Wellston Private High School, a single high-tier is like a one-man army. [6]

UnOrdinary VigilanteDefinition

High-tiers who engage in vigilante-styled crime-fighting outside of official government or civil defence authorities are called "superheroes". Recently, the crime syndicate EMBER has been targeting them.

Known High-tiersEdit

God TierEdit

UnOrdinary God Tier

These exceptional and revered individuals belong to a subcategory of high-tiers with an ability level between 6.0 and 10.0. They are the nigh-invincible god-tiers, the most powerful of the high-tiers, people who are not only born with extraordinary power, but have discovered and mastered each and every intricacy of their ability.

According to uru-chan, a god-tier can only be defeated by another god-tier. [1] The power disparity between god-tiers and the lower tiers is especially evident in Arlo's curb-stomp battle against Rein.

Known God-tiers Edit

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • John's former status as a cripple would have made him a low tier.
  • Uru-chan's stats also say she is a low-tier.

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