Sorted List of Characters

  Name Debut First Named Stats Ability Level
UnOrdinary Arlo2
Arlo Prologue Prologue
UnOrdinary Arlo profile
Barrier 6.3
UnOrdinary Blyke2
Blyke Chapter 1 Chapter 1
UnOrdinary Blyke profile
Energy Beam 4.5
UnOrdinary Cecile
Cecile Chapter 59 Chapter 59
Unknown High-tier
UnOrdinary Crail1
Crail Chapter 7 Chapter 19
UnOrdinary Crail profile
Strong Punch 2.4
UnOrdinary Elaine2
Elaine Chapter 7 Chapter 7
UnOrdinary Elaine profile
Healing 3.5
UnOrdinary Gavin2
Gavin Chapter 2 Chapter 9
UnOrdinary Gavin stats
Stone Skin 2.8
UnOrdinary Hower
Hower Chapter 34 Chapter 34
UnOrdinary HowerStats
Heat Palm 2.1
UnOrdinary Illena
Illena Chapter 30 Chapter 43
UnOrdinary Illena Stats
Strength 2.7
UnOrdinary Isen
Isen Chapter 1 Chapter 1
UnOrdinary Isen Stats
Hunter 4.4
UnOrdinary John Doe
John Prologue Prologue
UnOrdinary John Stats Sheet After Barreir
Ability Mimicry Unknown
UnOrdinary Krolik2
Krolik Chapter 24 Chapter 24
UnOrdinary Krolik stats
Lazor 2.5
UnOrdinary lin1
Lin Chapter 7 Chapter 19
UnOrdinary Lin profile
Needles 1.8
UnOrdinary Crail Mardin
Mardin Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Unknown Unknown
UnOrdinary Meili
Meili Chapter 32 Chapter 54
UnOrdinary Meili Stats
Demon Claw 3.8
UnOrdinary Remi2
Remi Prologue Prologue
UnOrdinary Remi stats
Lightning 5.4
UnOrdinary Rouker
Rouker Chapter 41 Chapter 43
UnOrdinary Rouker Stats
Missiles 2.2
UnOrdinary Seraphina2
Seraphina Chapter 4 Chapter 4
Time Manipulation 8.0
UnOrdinary Tanner1
Tanner Chapter 30 Chapter 43
UnOrdinary Tanner Stats
Regeneration 3.1
UnOrdinary Ventus
Ventus Chapter 32 Chapter 54
UnOrdinary Ventus Stats
Whirlwind 3.8
UnOrdinary Wenqi
Wenqi Chapter 30 Chapter 43
UnOrdinary Wenqi stats
Speed 2.4
UnOrdinary Rei
Rei Chapter 6 Chapter 41
UnOrdinary Rei Stats
Lightning 5.8
UnOrdinary Doctor
Doctor Darren Chapter 4 Chapter 30
UnOrdinary Dr Darren stats
Nightmare 4.2
UnOrdinary Headmaster Vaughn2
Headmaster Vaughn Chapter 28 Chapter 28
Unknown High-tier
UnOrdinary Keene1
Keene Chapter 41 Chapter 6
Unknown High-tier
UnOrdinary Broven
Broven Chapter 14 Chapter 14
Unknown Unknown
UnOrdinary Gou2
Gou Chapter 14 Chapter 14
UnOrdinary Gou stats
Super Strength 4.0
UnOrdinary Rein2
Rein Chapter 14 Chapter 15
UnOrdinary Rein stats
Arachnid 4.9
UnOrdinary Claire1
Claire Chapter 12 Chapter 42
Precognition Unknown
UnOrdinary Adrion1
Adrion Chapter 44 Chapter 44
Unknown Unknown
UnOrdinary AbilityGaugeVendor
Ability Gauge Vendor Chapter 8 None
Ability Gauging 2.0
Leilah None Chapter 32
Unknown Unknown
UnOrdinary Levani2
Levani Chapter 8 Chapter 9
UnOrdinary Levani stats
Grenadier 3.6
UnOrdinary Nadia
Nadia Chapter 28 Chapter 28
Lie Detection Unknown
UnOrdinary SeraphinaMother
Narisa Chapter 30 Chapter 51
UnOrdinary Narisa's Stats
Time Manipulation 7.4
UnOrdinary W.H.Doe2
W. H. Doe Chapter 62 Chapter 11
None Powerless
UnOrdinary Payton
Payton Chapter 9 Chapter 49
UnOrdinary Payton's Chart
Superhuman 3.6
UnOrdinary Merin
Merin Chapter 49 Chapter 49
UnOrdinary Merin's Chart
Charge 3.4


Unnamed and minor characters not found on this list can be found on the List of Minor Characters.