Payton is a security guard who works at Kovoro Mall.

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Payton has slicked back light-citron hair with his sides hanging and celeste eyes. He is seen wearing the Kovoro Mall security uniform.

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From what little is seen of Payton, he is a no-nonsense man who takes his job seriously.

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Kovoro Mall Edit

When Levani was about to use her Grenadier, Payton heard John calling security to stop her. However, due to Levani being stronger than the Ability Gauge Vendor, Payton forced the vendor to give Levani her refund and warned John and Seraphina to stay out of trouble.[1]

Trio Trouble Edit

After seeing the wall explode, Payton witnessed Blyke, Isen, and Remi run out of the hole caused by the explosion. Thinking that they set off the smoke bomb, Payton immediately called for backup to apprehend the trio. He later took Isen and Blyke under his custody and took them to the security's office.[2]

After realizing that the trio were from Wellston Private High School, Payton realized that he arrested innocents and under Blyke's suggestion, leaves to check the security tapes. While watching the tapes, Payton saw that Blyke, Isen, and Remi were not lying and that there was a mysterious figure sneaking in teddy bears. Unfortunately, the mysterious figure managed to bypass all other cameras, leaving Payton and another security guard bewildered. After he finished reviewing the tapes, Payton reported the case to the authorities and told the trio that they needed to make an official statement.[3]

Powers & Abilities Edit

UnOrdinary Payton's Chart

Superhuman: While the effect of his ability Superhuman is currently unknown, as an Elite Tier, it is logical to surmise that Payton is a powerful individual.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Payton is the character with the most chapters between their debut and naming (40 chapters).

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