UnOrdinary NewBostinHS 2-B

Photo of Class 2-B with John (center), Claire (middle row, third person from the left), and Adrion (middle row, fourth person from the right)

New Bostin High School is a high school in New Bostin. It is most notable for being John Doe's former school from which he transferred to Wellston High School two years prior to the beginning of the series.

Description Edit

Much like Wellston, New Bostin High School has bullies that look down on the weak. It is located in New Bostin, which is quite a distance away from Wellston. Like Wellston, there is a school roof where the Royals, or at least John when he was the King, hang out.

Plot Edit

Three years before the current story, John attended New Bostin High. At some point in time, he was bullied by three students. He then met Claire, who befriended and helped him. After meeting Claire, he rose to the position of King, but gradually became more and more tyrannical.

One of John's loyal fellow students, Adrion, attempted to warn John that Claire was conspiring with the Jack to overthrow him and that she had been using him the whole time. However, John refused to believe that his relationship with Claire was fake. When Adrion told him to look around at what was happening and that he would lose everything if he continued ignoring the situation, John furiously beat up Adrion.[1]

In order to get John to come to the fields, Claire left him a "love letter" in his locker.[2] When he arrived, he realised that Claire had rallied the stronger half of his class against him in an attempt to bring down his regime. Unfortunately for her, John beat them all effortlessly, emerging victorious with only a few scratches. When he confronted Claire, the last remaining student, she told him he was a hypocritical tyrant and a monster. Angered and hurt by her words, he punched her in the face.[3]

Students Edit

Turf Wars Edit

New Bostin High also participates in the Turf Wars.

Roster Edit

  • King: John (Former).[3]
  • Unnamed Jack

References Edit

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