Monster Arc Episodes

UnOrdinary Ch 51
Chapter 51
15th June, 2017
Seraphina finally stands up against her mother.

UnOrdinary Ch 52
Chapter 52
22nd June, 2017
Blyke, Isen and Remi are summoned by the headmaster for the disaster at Kovoro Mall over the weekend. Meanwhile, John decides to hang out with Arlo after school.

UnOrdinary Ch 53
Chapter 53
29th June, 2017
John finds history repeating itself when Arlo brings him to the Battlefield.

UnOrdinary Ch 54
Chapter 54
6th July, 2017
Under the stress of several horrifying revelations, John reveals his ability and attacks Arlo, Meili, and Ventus.

UnOrdinary Ch 55
Chapter 55
13th July, 2017
John unleashes the full strength of his terrifying ability on Meili and Ventus.

UnOrdinary Ch 56
Chapter 56
20th July, 2017
After John beats Ventus and Meili, Arlo is left to face off against the enraged ex-King all by himself.

UnOrdinary Ch 57
Chapter 57
27th July, 2017
As Arlo struggles to deal with the aftermath of his fight with John and calls in Elaine to help Ventus and Meili, John himself finally reunites with Seraphina.

UnOrdinary Ch 58
Chapter 58
10th August, 2017
Seraphina calls Elaine to help her deal with John's injuries while she tries to figure out what secrets he is hiding from her.