Mardin is a student of Wellston High.

Appearance Edit

Mardin has light green hair, blue eyes and fair skin. He was seen wearing a Wellston school uniform without the tie, and his collar unbuttoned.

Personality Edit

From what little is actually seen of Mardin, it can be surmised that he likes to make fun of John.

History Edit

Project Partners Edit

During English Literature class, Mardin was partnered up with Hower for a literary analysis presentation.[1]

Plot Edit

Beginning Edit

During mathematics class, when John asked to go to the bathroom, Mardin heckled him, and got hit in the face by a piece of chalk thrown by the Trigonometry Teacher .[2]

Powers and Abilities Edit

All that is known of Mardin is that he has an ability.

Quotes Edit

  • (Heckling John) "HAH! Don't die on your way there, Jonny Boy!"[2]


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