AbilityAbility Gauge VendorAbility Gauging
Ability MimicryAdrionAftermath
Aftermath/EpisodesAgwin High SchoolArachnid
Arc 11Arc 11/EpisodesArlo
Arlo's Blue-Haired FriendBarrierBattlefield
Bonus EpisodeBonus Episode 2Broven
CecileChapter 1Chapter 10
Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13
Chapter 14Chapter 15Chapter 16
Chapter 17Chapter 18Chapter 19
Chapter 2Chapter 20Chapter 21
Chapter 22Chapter 23Chapter 24
Chapter 25Chapter 26Chapter 27
Chapter 28Chapter 29Chapter 3
Chapter 30Chapter 31Chapter 32
Chapter 33Chapter 34Chapter 35
Chapter 36Chapter 37Chapter 38
Chapter 39Chapter 4Chapter 40
Chapter 41Chapter 42Chapter 43
Chapter 44Chapter 45Chapter 46
Chapter 47Chapter 48Chapter 49
Chapter 5Chapter 50Chapter 51
Chapter 52Chapter 53Chapter 54
Chapter 55Chapter 56Chapter 57
Chapter 58Chapter 59Chapter 6
Chapter 60Chapter 61Chapter 62
Chapter 63Chapter 64Chapter 65
Chapter 66Chapter 67Chapter 68
Chapter 69Chapter 7Chapter 70
Chapter 71Chapter 72Chapter 8
Chapter 9ChargeClaire
CrailDemon ClawDoctor Darren
EMBERElaineEnergy Beam
GavinGavin's VictimGou
GrenadierHeadmaster VaughnHealing
Heat PalmHowerHunter
InvisibilityIsenIsen's Pen
JohnKeeneKovoro Mall
Kovoro Mall ArcKovoro Mall Arc/EpisodesKrolik
Lie DetectionLightningLin
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Lovun TownMardinMeili
MerinMind ReadingMissiles
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New Bostin High SchoolNightmarePayton
PrecognitionProject PartnersProject Partners/Episodes
SeraphinaSeraphina's MaidSorted List of Characters
SpeedStandard Gauging SystemStone Skin
StrengthStrong PunchSuper Strength
TannerTeddy BearTime Manipulation
Trio TroubleTrio Trouble/EpisodesTriple Chocolate Cake
True ColoursTrue Colours/EpisodesTurf War
Turf War/EpisodesTurf WarsUnOrdinary
UnOrdinary OSTUnOrdinary WikiaUnordinary
Uru-chanVentusVisual Raid's UnOrdinary Dub
Wellston Private High SchoolWellston TownWenqi
WhirlwindWilliam H. DoeWoaba Boba

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