List of Arcs
  Arc Title Episodes Start Date End Date Images
UnOrdinary BegininingArc
BeginningEpisodes24th May, 201628th June, 2016Images
UnOrdinary Kovoromall Arc
Kovoro Mall ArcEpisodes5th July, 20164th August, 2016Images
UnOrdinary Arc Header
Turf WarEpisodes11th August, 201615th September, 2016Images
UnOrdinary Arc Header
InvestigationEpisodes22nd September, 20168th December, 2016Images
UnOrdinary Arc Header
SuspensionEpisodes15th December, 20162nd February, 2017Images
UnOrdinary Arc Header
Project PartnersEpisodes16th February, 20179th March, 2017Images
UnOrdinary Arc Header
True ColoursEpisodes23rd March, 2017 18th May, 2017 Images
UnOrdinary Arc Header
Trio TroubleEpisodes25th May, 2017 8th June, 2017Images
UnOrdinary Arc Header
MonsterEpisodes15th June, 2017 -Images


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