Lightning is the ability to generate and manipulate electricity.

Description Edit

Upon activation, its user's body will be surrounded by bright blue electricity. This electricity can be controlled in a number of ways and usually follows the user's hands.

Usage Edit

  • Electrogenesis: The user can generate electricity from their hands.
  • Electrokinesis: The user can manipulate the electricity they generate for offensive purposes.
  • Electrocuting Body: The electricity around the user will electrocute and knock out anyone without sufficiently high defence who comes into contact with it.
  • Electric Resistance: This ability gives its user resistance to electric shocks.
  • Enhanced Speed: Remi has also displayed that she can catch up to a motorcycle with her ability active.[1]
  • Circuit Detection: In high-tiers, it manifests passively by allowing the user to detect electrical currents without activating their ability.[2]
  • Long-range Circuit Tracking: Remi has also hinted that she can track people over a distance via their electronics. This may be an application of her circuit detection.[1]
  • Enhanced Force: Remi's muscular strength seems to be Enhanced, in fact in Chapter 98 it is seen to raise a man much bigger than she, something impossible with the force that seems to have with the ability disabled.
  • Enhanced Resistence: Also in chapter 98 she is seen to resist the shock wave of Waldo without problems while the guy who had brought with him was thrown off.


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Lightning is the second ability introduced to be shared by two people.[3]


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