In the end... You're just like me.

- John.

This is the 83rd episode of unORDINARY.

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Mardin and Zeke "greet" John and welcome him to the boys dorms, John asks is throwing someone at him is a way of greeting, Zeke laughs it off, John tries to get away but Zeke stops him from leaving, Mardin claims Zeke is the strongest so he's the "ruler" John ironically thinks "what about Blyke and Isen? Dumbass" Zeke informs John that he should bow in his presence and call him King, John says "understood my king" in an ironic tone with a bow, then tries to leave again, saying he has homework he has to complete, Zeke catches on to him being ironic, John runs off but Zeke stops him, John tries to fight his way out, but only gets himself thrown down and punched in the stomach, Zeke claims that they were going to go easy on him but since John was being condescending he was going to get beat up

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