Krolik is a student of Wellston High.


Krolik is a typical looking student with lavender-coloured hair and green eyes.

His speech bubbles are a similar colour to his hair.


Krolik appears to be a typical bully who likes to ruin other people's projects.



UnOrdinary KrolikLazor

Krolik about to fire his Lazor

Krolik was first seen stomping on another student's project. John, upon witnessing this act, punched Krolik in the face, and held him up against the wall. After recovering from the initial shock of being punched, Krolik recognized John as powerless and proceeded to charge his ability "Lazor". As Krolik was about to fire his Lazor, John moved his hand and the lazer hit the wall behind John, causing it to become cracked. John then proceeded to beat Krolik up before stopping himself. Krolik, confused with John stopping himself, regained his composure and said, "Yeah, you better run away, idiot!".[1]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

UnOrdinary Krolik stats

Krolik's stats

Lazor: Krolik is capable of shooting a lime-green laser that is strong enough to damage a wall.[1]


(to John after he stopped punching) "Yeah, you better run away, idiot!"[1]

Notes & TriviaEdit


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