Kovoro Mall Arc Episodes

UnOrdinary Ch8
Chapter 8
5th July, 2016
Seraphina convinces John to accompany her on a shopping trip to Kovoro Mall.

UnOrdinary Ch9
Chapter 9
12th July, 2016
John and Seraphina are caught in a stand-off with the dangerous Levani while shopping at Kovoro Mall.

UnOrdinary Ch10
Chapter 10
19th July, 2016
After a busy day of shopping, John and Seraphina are ready to head back home; however, an invisible assailant waylays them en-route to the bus stop.

UnOrdinary Ch11
Chapter 11
26th July, 2016
When John convinces Seraphina to stay over at his house due to the attack, she finds his copy of a very special book and realises that John is more than he claims to be.

UnOrdinary Ch12
Chapter 12
4th August, 2016
John's past comes back to haunt him in a series of vivid nightmares.

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