Keene is the Head of Security of Wellston.

Appearance Edit

Keene has fair skin, parted beige hair, blue eyes, and wears spectacles.


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As the head of security of Wellston, Keene's main concern is to keep the school and its students safe; he worries when there are potential dangers to the school. He is not above making bets with other staff members however.[2]



Doctor Darren threatened to send Blyke and Isen to Keene after the duo caused a racket with their fighting.[3]


When news of Seraphina's absence spread around the school, Keene and Doctor Darren made a bet to see how long John would last. Keene lost the bet to the Doctor.[2]

True ColoursEdit

Keene was called by Headmaster Vaughn on a later date to discuss EMBER's presence and how more and more high-tiers are getting murdered. When Vaughn mentions Rei being killed by EMBER, Keene worries just how powerful EMBER is.

Powers and Abilities Edit

While his ability has yet to be revealed, he is confirmed to be a high-tier. [1]

Quotes Edit

  • (Thinking about Rei's murder)"Just what kind of powerful backing does EMBER have?"[1]

Notes & Trivia Edit


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