John Doe is currently a third-year student of Wellston High and is the main protagonist of unORDINARY. He was once known as the King of New Bostin.


John is a teenager with black hair and burnt gold eyes. During school hours, he is typically found wearing the Wellston school uniform with his hair gelled flat against his head and a single lock hanging over his face; his casual hairdo is unkempt and spiky. Based on instances in which he has no shirt on, he appears to be fairly fit.

In the past, John left his hair unstyled and wore a light blue t-shirt, a dark blue jacket, and dark grey shorts.

His speech bubbles are white with black text, but the colors of his speech bubbles and text are inverted when he experiences extreme emotion or when he get aggressive toward the one he is talking to. When activating his ability, his eyes glow a bright gold color.

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John is a complicated teen with multiple facets to his personality; to Seraphina, he is very lighthearted and joking; to Arlo and Elaine, he is very threatening and intimidating; and to most everyone else, he is just "the school cripple."

When John was first introduced, he presented himself as a powerless cripple; this is the side that most people see. As a cripple, John came off as hopelessly optimistic and naive, but was more than willing to risk his neck to stop bullying. Even though the odds were clearly against him more often than not, John would always get back up and think positively, and continue to press forward on with his tasks. He does not care for the social norms of the world and would rather live his own way.

However, John being a cripple is merely a facade to distance himself from his past; in fact, John possesses monstrous side that he wishes to disassociate himself from entirely. John's darker side was most prevalent during his reign as New Bostin's King and is characterized by his violence, unfettered rage, and arrogance. This monstrous persona of John made him quick to anger and violence, and leaves John devoid of mercy or empathy. Even after his readjustment from Keon, John still has traits of his darker side, which has emerged itself on numerous occasions. John detests this monstrous persona and is fearful of revealing his past to his best friend, Seraphina.


According to his grade school and middle school records, John was once was low-tier with a level of 1.2. However, around his high school years, his ability level miraculously shot up to an unknown level.[1]

King of New Bostin

UnOrdinary Ch23 06

Claire gives John a hand.

John attended New Bostin High School prior to attending Wellston Private High School, but he claimed that he had been homeschooled his entire life.[2][3] At New Bostin, John was helped out by Claire after he was beaten up by some bullies.[4]

UnOrdinary Ch44 6

John, as the King of New Bostin, beating up Adrion.

However, during his second year at school, John became the King of New Bostin and became a tyrannical leader with a hair-trigger temper. Every day, students of New Bostin lived in fear of their King, and none dared opposed him. Eventually, tired of John's tyranny, Claire rallied half of the second-year class at the time, but John merely defeated them all before moving on to Claire and accusing her of betraying him.[5]

Due to his aggressiveness and the teachers' inability to control him, John was expelled from New Bostin[6]and was taken to Keon for readjustment courses.[7] At the time, John did not see his tyrannical methods as "wrong" by any stretch of the word and saw himself as untouchable. However, Keon told John about the concept of late-bloomers and how they, like John are destined to fail. As Keon grew more assertive, John began to react violently and even head-butted Keon when he was slapped by the official, but Keon managed to subdue John and show him the battered and bruised bodies of the students of New Bostin High School. John continued to justify his tyrannical actions, forcing Keon to use his ability on John's mind. The King of New Bostin began to relive the memories of his rampage against his classmates and broke down once Keon released him. He spent three months under Keon's jurisdiction.[8]

Unordinary John Keon readjustment

Keon deals with John during the latter's readjustment.

After returning from Keon's readjustment programme, John returned to his father and stayed in his room in shame, reflecting on his past actions. One week later, William entered his room a left the book Unordinary, in hopes to help his mentally distraught son. John began to read to read the book, and once he finished, he knew what he had to do. Seeing himself as incapable of using his powers for good, John chose to mend his ways and attempted to hide all evidence of his past by changing his appearance and claiming he was home-schooled and powerless.[3] With his father's help, John had learned how to play poker and self-defense without the need for his ability. He was enrolled in Wellston Private High School as a second-year student a year after his expulsion.[6][9]

First Day

Unordinary John First Day

John prepares for his first day at Wellston.

John assumed that Wellston's difficult entrance exams meant that the school was focused primarily on academics. He soon realized that there, the strong dominate the weak in a manner no different from the rest of the world. Despite this, John persisted and was able to befriend the strongest student at Wellston.

UnOrdinary Elaine push john after knowing he has no ability

Elaine shuns John.

John first came to Wellston during the middle of the school year as a powerless cripple; he was hopeful that Wellston would be a fresh start, away from the scrutiny he experienced in New Bostin. As he was about to go to his mathematics class, Elaine cordially greeted John and struck up a friendly conversation with him. Unfortunately, just as Elaine was the first student of Wellston to greet John, she was also the first student to shun John upon learning that he had no ability.[2]

Word had spread about John being a cripple, and he later found himself cornered by Crail and Lin to be "educated" on his position in the school hierarchy. He tried to call to Seraphina for help, but she ignored him and John was forced to fend for himself. He was able to distract Crail and Lin long enough for him to run away and sarcastically thank the Queen.[10]

UnOrdinary Ch20 06

Seraphina slams John into a wall.

On the same day, after escaping Crail and Lin John managed to procure a slice of Wellston's famous Triple Chocolate Cake, but Seraphina demanded that he give it to her. John initially refused, but Seraphina threatened to use her ability to take it by force. In defiance of her bullying, John dropped the cake. He was subsequently badly beaten up by her[11] and sent to the infirmary.[12]

Project Partners

After returning from the infirmary, John and Seraphina were forced to be partners for a three-part literature project, much to the reluctance of both parties. Seraphina proposed that the best course of action would be for her to complete the project alone while John simply read off her notes during the presentation, but he refused and did his own work. During the presentation, John proceeded to improvise most of the presentation by fabricating information, resulting in him and Seraphina receiving a B-. Enraged, Seraphina left to the library, but John followed and overheard other students criticizing Seraphina's current grade. He understood the amount of pressure Seraphina went through to maintain her perfect reputation. While they were at the library, John suggested establishing a stronger rapport, but Seraphina was still angered by her grade and threatened to make his life a hell on earth. John was completely unfazed and surprised Seraphina with his defiance as he introduced to her the concept that instead of living for her reputation, she should do as she wished, just as he did.[13]

UnOrdinary Ch38 8

Seraphina expressing her dissatisfaction to John.

With the second part of the project, this time on Spearshake's McBetch, looming over them, both decided to head to the library to work. Despite their arguments and John's inability to interpret Spearshake, their efforts resulted in an A-. John was more than happy with this, but Seraphina was unsatisfied with her below-perfect grade and told John to never talk to her anymore. Despite their shaky relationship, John overheard two girls criticizing Seraphina and stepped in to defend her, but the girls started beating him up for his intervention. Moved by John's selflessness, Seraphina stepped in to protect him from further harm. Unfortunately, John was already injured and needed to go to the infirmary.[14]

It was not until the third part of the project, when Seraphina and John were working on Julio and Romiette, that John became more diligent with his work and asked Seraphina for help interpreting the some of the lines.

UnOrdinary Ch39 7

John convinces Seraphina for a drink at Woaba Boba.

On the day of the presentation, John's uncharacteristically serious demeanor caught the attention of Seraphina, prompting her to ask what was wrong. John responded that he disliked the judgmental attitude of other students and apologized for all the flack she got due to his actions. Seraphina accepted his apology and admitted the he was the most persistent partner that she had ever had. The duo proceeded to receive a perfect score on that part of the project. However, they only received an A- on the overall assignment, to Seraphina's mild disappointment. Despite this, John convinced a reluctant Seraphina to celebrate with a drink at Woaba Boba and sparked a friendship that would last well into the next year.[15]



One year after he had befriended Seraphina, John had a good feeling that he would finally get a slice of that infamous triple chocolate cake. Unfortunately, he was wrong and witnessed two royals, Arlo and Remi, battle over the last slice.[16]

UnOrdinary Ch1 1

John in the crossfire between Isen and Blyke.

By the time break ended, John was sitting through a boring trigonometry class before asking the teacher that he had to go to the restroom. On his way to the bathroom, he witnessed Blyke and Isen battling over a broken pen and ran away to save his life.[17]

Unfortunately, he was not able to avoid conflict that day as Gavin was beating up a helpless student beside the restroom entrance. Seeing that he had no choice, John punched Gavin and distracted him long enough for the student to get away. Gavin then battled John in a fistfight, but John was victorious.[18] However, Gavin wasn't finished and he proceeded to use his Stone Skin to overpower John. Despite Gavin being much stronger than he, John fortuitously managed to throw him out of the window. John's victory was short-lived, however, as he had to make stop by at the infirmary due to a broken arm.[19]

After John arrived at the infirmary, the irritated Doctor Darren proceeded to scold John to be more careful while handing him a healing tonic. Eager to leave, John promised that he would be more careful and proceeded to walk out of the infirmary. However, Doctor Darren stopped him, forcing John to stay in the infirmary for the rest of day. Bored out of his mind, John texted his best friend Seraphina to keep him company. Once Seraphina arrived, she made to leave and promised not to wait for him after school. Despite this, Seraphina stayed with her powerless friend and the two spent their time playing Slappy Pig. John's score of 187 was no match for Seraphina's 212. As the duo argued about the legitimacy of Seraphina's score, they were interrupted the room started rumbling and the infuriated Doctor had left the infirmary, but not before commanding John to stay.[20] Once the Doctor had left, John and Seraphina immediately exited the infirmary.

UnOrdinary Gavintantountingsera

John encounters Gavin a second time.

Unluckily, the first person John encountered after leaving the infirmary was a revenge-crazed Gavin. Fortunately Seraphina was able to effortlessly defeat the bully, and John got out without a scratch. The duo then went out for a drink, which John had to pay for.[21]

While the two were enjoying their drinks, John recalls his previous battle with Gavin much to Seraphina's amusement. After John finished his story, Seraphina expressed to him that constantly living on the edge like that would be exciting, but he disagreed and proceeded to complain about society's violent ways. John disagreed with society's rule of the higher tiers overpowering the weak, and the two remained silent until the news reported that EMBER's newest victim, X-Static was killed. Despite the good works performed by X-Static, Seraphina and many others believed that people like him should mind their own business. John attempted to defend the vigilante's altruistic actions but was cut off by Seraphina's question: "Do you feel safer... Now that he's dead?" John had no answer.[22]

Kovoro Mall

Some time later, John woke up to the sound of a phone call from Seraphina at 2:00 PM. She wanted John to come with her to Kovoro Mall, but he claimed that he needed to clean his house. Unfortunately for him, Seraphina was already at the front door during the call. Even worse for John, his claim of his messy house was just a lie to avoid going shopping; the only thing that was out of place was John's boxing gloves. John reluctantly had to go shopping with his best friend.[23]

Unordinary Lame John

John and Seraphina shopping.

After shopping for clothes and buying a "LAME" shirt from Andy's Fashion Boutique, John noticed an Ability Gauge and wanted Seraphina to try it out. Seraphina agreed after enough begging from John.[23] However, Levani's threats on the Ability Gauge Vendor held up the line and John decided to intervene. Despite the danger he was in, John was able to stall her until a security guard was within earshot. John was able call the guard to stop Levani from using Grenadier on him and everyone in the area. Unfortunately, due to Levani being stronger than the vendor, the guard forced the vendor to give Levani a refund.[24] The vendor, grateful for John's actions, allowed both Seraphina and him to get their abilities gauged for free. After gauging Seraphina's ability and giving her a teddy bear, the vendor attempted to gauge John's ability, but John moved his arm back. The vendor apologized for attempting to gauge John's level without his permission, but the cripple jokingly stated that the vender would find no results anyways.[25]

UnOrdinary Ch10 05

John throwing "LAME" shirt onto the attacker

By the time he and Seraphina left Kovoro Mall, it was already evening and they had to take a bus home. The closest bus station was already full so they decided to walk to a another station. Along the way, Seraphina told John to look at the bright side of that day's battle, and John mentioned that the teddy should be named after him. Their conversation was cut short when John somehow sensed an invisible entity following them and ran off with Seraphina. Unfortunately, John and Seraphina got cornered by the assailant, but John was able to locate the assailant by throwing his recently bought "LAME" shirt onto the attacker. This gave Seraphina the opportunity to attack the assailant and get herself and John away to the bus station.[26]

Once the two realized they were safe in John's house, Seraphina asked how he was able to even sense the assailant in the first place, but he simply responded "I don't really know...! Just a feeling I guess?". Initially, Seraphina was going to go back to the dorms, but John convinced her to stay the night. While John was preparing dinner, Seraphina found the copy of the infamous book Unordinary and was intrigued by it. After revealing that the book was written by his father, W. H. Doe, John let her borrow it despite the risk of possessing a highly illegal book.[26]

UnOrdinary Ch12 03

John wakes up from a nightmare of Claire.

Early the next morning, John woke up in cold sweat after having a flashback of Claire. Unable to go back to sleep, John went out and bought breakfast for him and Seraphina. While eating breakfast, Seraphina noticed that John was abnormally quiet and attempted to pry, but John simply yelled that he was fine. Despite John's apology, Seraphina saw it best to leave him alone and left.[27]

Turf War

That same day, John texted Seraphina an apology for lashing out and left a warning to keep Unordinary hidden.[28]


While shopping for groceries, John saw the news of EMBER striking yet again and was not pleased with the negative comments that others had regarding the vigilantes.
UnOrdinary Ch18

John hears the news of EMBER striking again.

Unfortunately, John had completely forgotten that he had a history test and had to cram on his way to class. On his way he accidentally bumped into Arlo and informally apologized. While Holden wanted John to give a proper apology, Arlo himself didn't mind and even wished him luck on the test.[29]

John later texted Seraphina saying that he definitely failed the history test before asking her if she wanted to grab some lunch together.[30]

After school, John was taking a break from boxing when he got a call from his concerned father about the recent attacks by EMBER. The call ended abruptly due to Mr. Doe's editor calling.[31]

UnOrdinary SighAF

John sighing over the upcoming report cards.

The next day of school, John was on the rooftop with Seraphina and was nervous about report cards coming later that Friday. He also found out that Elaine had found Unordinary and Seraphina would not be able to return the book. Despite John's protests, Seraphina promised to keep authorities from tracing the book back to him. John then decides to ask for the God-tier’s opinions on the Unordinary. While Seraphina initially thought that the book's premise was absurd, she admitted that she did not fully understand the content and asked John to clarify. To answer Seraphina's question, John explained how everyone must be protected as everyone has something valuable as well as his admiration for the vigilantes working their way to make that ideal a reality. He forgives Seraphina for her carelessness and admits that he needs a break after reading the book many times.[32]

Friday of that week, while the teacher was handing out report cards, John had a flashback of Claire helping him after he was bullied, but was snapped out of the flashback when the teacher called him and threatened to read his grades out loud. While he wasn't pleased with his grades, he knew that they could have been worse. With his report card in hand, John was reading the teacher's comments on his report card until he bumped into Arlo and dropped all his papers. However, instead of beating John up, Arlo helped him pick up the papers and told him to watch where he was going.[4]

UnOrdinary JohnbeatingKrolik

John mercilessly beats up Krolik.

That same day, John noticed the Death Pool flyer, and out of anger and disgust, he began to crumple it. At the same time, he witnessed Krolik stomping on another student's project; already angered, John saves the other student by punching Krolik in the face. Unfazed by John's anger, Krolik prepares to fire his Lazor, but John simply deflected Krolik's arm and avoided the Lazor entirely. John then proceeded to mercilessly punch Krolik, but stopped when he had a flashback of Adrion. Realizing that he had lost himself for a moment, John ran off.[33]

UnOrdinary Chapter 26-27-0

John grabs Isen for "meddling into his life."

John was walking down the hallway to his next class when he was approached by Isen for an interview regarding the life of a low-tier. Initially, Isen asked his questions in a polite manner but got more aggressive and asked more personal questions as he started to see the inconsistencies between John's claims and his actions. John felt uncomfortable with Isen's questioning as well as the personal questions he asked and angrily grabbed Isen's collar for "meddling into his life." During the interview, it is revealed that John was not home-schooled like he claimed and that he was a student of New Bostin High School. Deeming the information he gleaned sufficient, Isen cut the interview and left John.[3]

UnOrdinary Ch28 10

John, after Seraphina left Wellston.

Once he had returned to class, John received a text message from Seraphina telling him to meet her outside the school. Upon meeting with Seraphina, she told him that she would be leaving for a month. Despite John's concern, Seraphina was nonchalant about the entire situation and promised that everything would be alright once she came back. After she left, John looked at the school gloomily, knowing that his only friend was gone and he no longer had her protection.[34]


To his luck, not even four hours had passed since Seraphina left before a revenge-fueled Gavin attacked John. Despite the latter's best efforts, Gavin beat him up, and he found himself in the infirmary yet again. Unlike in previous encounters, Dr. Darren decided that he wouldn't give John a hard time for the rest of the day since he won fifty bucks from a bet with Keene regarding how long it might take before John is beat up while Seraphina is away. While John was in the infirmary, Seraphina texted that she had gotten off the plane.[35]

UnOrdinary Ch30 4

An angry Dr. Darren yells at John, Tanner, Wenqi, and Illena.

Once he left the infirmary, John was targeted by Tanner, Illena, and Wenqi, but was able to stall them long enough for Dr. Darren to come out and scare the bully trio. Before Tanner left, he told John that he was nothing but a leech that mooches off of others.[36]

After working out, John texted Seraphina with a request to call him. Despite the initial awkwardness of hearing Seraphina's voice, the two of them reacquainted themselves and conversed as if nothing ever happened. During the call, John realized that he forgot to get his homework from the last two classes due to his stay in the infirmary, but Seraphina had him covered and sent him all of the assignments. While John was finishing up his homework, Seraphina introduced him to a new game called Angry Pigs in which the player produces structures in defense of protagonist pigs using different materials. John played the game with little success; Seraphina suggested that John use glass since it is the strongest material in the game, but John, finding this information contradictory with reality, was determined to beat the entire game without using glass. Unfortunately, it was 2:00 a.m. and he needed to get ready for school.[37]

UnOrdinary Ch32 6

John angrily shoves Dr. Darren.

Later that morning, John almost bumped into Arlo for the third time and got away with a reminder to watch where he was walking,[37] but it wasn't long before a Ventus and Meili attacked John and sent him to the Doctor with two broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder, and other minor injuries. After another lecture from the Doctor, John pulled out his phone to text Seraphina only to find that his phone screen was cracked. Out of anger, John slammed his phone straight into the ground. As an enraged John was going to walk out of the infirmary, he was stopped by Doctor Darren who convinced him to stay in the infirmary.[38]
UnOrdinary Ch33 3

John slaps Remi.

After leaving the infirmary, John was rudely pushed by another student and dropped all of his papers. While picking them up, Remi bends down and helps John gather his papers. Upon hearing Remi's voice, John fell into a flashback of Claire, who had once said the same words, "Let me help you!" In a fit of blind rage, he rejected Remi's act of kindness and slapped her hand away from the papers before realizing that he just slapped the Queen of Wellston. Once he snapped out of his anger and tried to apologize, Blyke attempted to shoot him with his Energy Beam and missed. Though Blyke was going to finish him off, Remi restrained him and they walked away. As the students around him began to mock and insult him, John began to lose faith in the Unordinary philosophy (that everyone has something to offer).[39]

That night, John contacted Seraphina via laptop and told her about his broken phone. Noticing John's angry expression, Seraphina cheered him up by talking about Angry Pigs. John happily announced that he passed several more levels with 100% wood and vowed that he would continue to use only wood.[39]

The next day after school, John noticed that Seraphina was offline and decided to entertain himself by playing Angry Pigs. After at least a hundred tries, John was unable to pass the level with only wood and began to question the whether or not advancing through the game was even possible with only wood. Even after a considerable amount of time passed, Seraphina did not come online, leaving John to only wonder what happened to her.[40]

UnOrdinary Ch35

Arlo and John on the rooftop.

During lunch, Hower attempted to use his Heat Palm to attack John, but the latter reacted by elbowing him in the face. John then angrily went up to the school roof and ran into Arlo. Despite the roof being for Royals, John sat up there, like he normally did, and ignored Arlo's threats. When Arlo asked him what he would do to the one person that defied his order if he was King, John answered that he would be grateful, arguing that the King must be doing a fairly good job if only one person is disobedient. John left the roof leaving Arlo bewildered.[41]

True Colours

UnOrdinary Ch40 7

John's shows his true colours.

UnOrdinary Johnpower

John activates his ability for the first time in two years.

Unfortunately, the toxic school environment started to get to John now that everyone was free to bully the powerless student. All he could do was vent his rage on the punching bag at home. To him, everyone was worthless except one person: Seraphina. However, John was unable to contact Seraphina since she was still offline. He instead contacted his father via laptop. When John asked for another copy of Unordinary, W.H. Doe said that he couldn't hand a copy of the book as they had all been destroyed to ensure his safety. Like any good father, W.H. Doe noticed that something was wrong with his son. Not interested in his father prying into his personal life, John prematurely terminated the call and ended all subsequent calls from his father. When John went to school the next day, he had left his hair without gel; when Isen saw him, he stated that he was "Starting to show his true colours".[42]

Unordinary Ch41 8

John breaks Tanner's arm.

Later that day, Tanner, Wenqi, Illena, and Rouker cornered the "cripple" with the intention of using him for target practice. However, as Tanner tried to land a punch on John, he easily grabbed Tanners arm and proceeded to break it. As the three remaining bullies proceeded to charge towards him, John's eyes began to glow for the first time in two years.[43] When he was about to use his ability, John had a flashback of Claire standing up against him. Seeing himself slip into his old ways, John refrained from using his ability.[5]

The bullies were persistent in trying to harm John however, and continued to go at him. Though John tried to defend himself, he failed, resulting in him getting knocked out. John would not have survived if it wasn't for Arlo coming in last-minute and defending him from the bullies. After stopping the bullies, Arlo proceeded to take John to the infirmary and wondered why John let himself get beat up if he could clearly fight back.[44]

Unordinary Ch43 15

Arlo taking John to Infirmary

John remained knocked out in the infirmary and had a flashback about his life in New Bostin High School. When John finally did wake up, he angrily punched Arlo in the face and proceeded to question the King's motives for helping him. Arlo was not fazed by John's outburst and warned him that next time John attacked him, he would not be so lenient.[45]

While Arlo was on the rooftop later that day, John came up on the roof to personally thank the King for saving him. While Arlo believed that John was capable of fighting back, John denied it and kept saying that he was a cripple.[6]

John was walking through the hallway recalling his distaste for hierarchy when he bumped into Arlo and dropped all of his papers. Tired of John presenting himself as a helpless cripple, Arlo simply tossed him a binder. Grateful for Arlo's act of "kindess," John invited Arlo to Woaba Boba for a drink.

UnOrdinary Ch47 5

John and Arlo at Woaba boba

Once the two were at reached Woaba Boba, John tried to introduce Arlo to boba tea, but the King insisted on ordering coffee. The two resolved their argument with John buying two boba teas and Arlo buying his own coffee. While sipping their drinks John learned that Arlo's shared a similar personality with Seraphina one year ago, and that he looked up to Rei. Arlo, on the other hand, learned how John and Seraphina bonded as well as W. H. Doe teaching his "crippled" son everything he knew. As Arlo was leaving, John attempted to give the King his boba tea.[46]


While Arlo was clearing his mind on school the rooftop, John came and sat down beside him while swinging his new binder, despite the roof being off-limits to him. When Arlo mentioned he went up there to escape from all the nonsense below, John recalled his similar behaviour when he was the King at New Bostin. Shortly after, John asked if Arlo was available after school and Arlo said he might run some errands. John offered to come with him and told Arlo to meet him at the school gates after class. Much to John's surprise, Arlo actually waited for him. They then left for their destination.[47]

They took the train to run Arlo's 'errands'. Once the two left the train, John wondered why they were out so far, to which Arlo explained that they were at Wellston's designated Turf War grounds, the Battlefield. This made John uneasy, but Arlo assured him that there would be nothing dangerous and he was here to just meet someone. As they walked up to the Battlefield from the train station, John spotted two other people, who turned out to be the bullies that broke his phone. John questioned Arlo who just told him to stay back as he walked over to them. He then smiled and told the two to hold John down. They viciously attacked him with their abilities and before John was able to react, he was pinned on the ground, bleeding and injured.[48]

UnOrdinary John release his ability

John unleashes his ability.

As Arlo revealed his involvement with Seraphina's suspension and all of their encounters, John wondered what he did to deserve being betrayed again. As he continued to think to himself, he realized that he was not the monster this time; the real monsters were the bullies of Wellston. Before Meili could finish him off, John finally used his ability for the first time since his expulsion from New Bostin High School and unleashed a black Whirlwind.[49]

Arlo's subordinates were quite shocked at the display of John's power, as they had known him as a powerless cripple, but Arlo just continued smiling as if it was his plan. Angry that he was betrayed again, John transformed his hand with Meili's Demon Claw and charged towards Arlo. Just before he was able to reach Arlo, he was blocked by Meili, but easily overpowered her. Before John could strike the finishing blow, he was pushed back by Ventus's Whirlwind, which he blocked with a similar ability. Realizing they were outmatched, Ventus and Meili perform a combo attack with Ventus propelling Meili with his Whirlwind. To their shock John combined the two abilities he copied into a powerful Wind Blade which hit Ventus. He then sent Meili flying high into the air. Even as Ventus begged John to let him catch Meili, John ignored him and told him to shut up, before stabbing him in the back and letting Meili crash into the ground.[50]

Unordinary John vs Arlo

John battling Arlo.

After finishing the two bullies off, John angrily turned to Arlo, who was no longer smiling. As John fought Arlo, the latter tried to avoid using his ability so as to stop John from copying it. However, as the fight progressed he decided to end John with a single use. Even though he managed to knock back John and injure his hand, when he attempted to finish John by crushing him with his Barrier, he realized that John had already copied it. Using Arlo's ability, John cracked Arlo's Barrier. Stunned by the reflective damage, Arlo was at a disadvantage as John proceeded to defeat him. John warned him not to talk about what happened, threatening to 'dethrone him' if he did.[51]

Angry that he was betrayed by Arlo, John lost his optimism yet again and continued to question the worth of the world. Furious, John threw his backpack on the ground and unintentionally caught the attention of his best friend, Seraphina. Instead of rejoicing at Seraphina's return, John fell to his knees and begin crying, pleading her not to look at him out of regret for his previous actions. Seraphina took John back into his house and laid him on the couch.[52]

Arlo is being threaten

John defeats Arlo.

While John was resting on the couch, Seraphina in a joking manner, put a cup of ice-cold water on his neck, surprising the resting teen. Seraphina then told the now-conscious John that she will be crashing with him and that Elaine was coming to heal him. Before Elaine arrived however, Seraphina asked about John's emotionally distraught state, but he simply dodged the question and told her that he didn't want her to see him in a defeated state and that everything will go back to normal. When Elaine arrived at John's house, she was not pleased that she had to heal him, but reluctantly did so for Seraphina's sake. During the healing process, John noticed that Elaine's Healing aura was much weaker and realized that she had used alot of energy to heal someone else previously. When Elaine asked to see his other arm, John intially refused but after an argument between the two, he let her see it. However, while Elaine was healing one his arms, John realized that Elaine was onto something and clamped his hand over her mouth, telling her to shut up and listen to him. When Seraphina came out, wondering where the Healer was, John told her that she had to leave in a hurry.[53]


As per his usual routine, John encountered a pair of bullies and found himself against the wall, with all his papers scattered on the floor. John calls the two "garbage" and in anger, one of them grabs him by the collar and starts to threaten him. Before the combat escalates, however, Isen intervened and the two run off in fear. John did not appreciate his help and smacked his hand away when he asked if he was alright. He gets up and walks away, leaving Isen to think to himself that he needs to keep him calm until Seraphina comes back.[54]

The next day, John was walking in the hallways looking at his papers before bumping into Arlo's shoulder. They each exchange disgusted looks at each other, and John starts to walk away before Arlo's Blue-Haired Friend grabs him by the collar, noticing that he was the same person that bumped into him before. Before he tried to beat John up, however, Arlo defends him and grabs his friend's arm, crushing it. John walks away from the two, leaving Arlo to think of how selfish he was to keep his power to himself and corrupt Seraphina with his ideaologies. Once John returned to his house, he was surprised to find his father, William H. Doe, talking with Seraphina.[55]

UnOrdinary Ch63 2

John and his father.

To fully explain his situation, John escorted his father outside to speak with him, privately. During the conversation, John revealed to his father that he was acting as a "cripple" and that he had hidden his ability from even his best friend, Seraphina; his father was not pleased with this however and worried that John would be "torn apart." Once the two finished talking, John and Sera continued their homework assignments until William woke up and suggest that they play poker.[56]

Throughout the poker game, John displayed his poker skills and his unreadable poker face, to the point that Seraphina was unable to to read him. This made Seraphina note how John's normally "easy-to-read" behavior was unreadable.[57]

The next morning, after his victory in poker, John had finished up his homework, work up his father and told him that there were eggs in the fridge and that Seraphina could take him to a sandwich shop before leaving for school.[58]

That night, William had return to his home due to numerous projects that he was currently working on. Before leaving, William privately told John that keeping that the longer he kept his secret, the worse the consequences would be. John simply told his father that he would be fine and that wished for his father's safety. After William left, John asked Seraphina if she was excited to go back to school, but she responded that she would have preferred to be expelled and do whatever she wanted. John however told his friend that nothing good can come if someone as powerful as she had such a stain on her record, only to find out that she was joking.[59]


UnOrdinary Ch70 2

John calling Elaine after discovering an injured Seraphina.

After returning from school, John discovered something horrifying: his best friend, Seraphina, lying on the floor unconscious.[60] He first tried using Seraphina’s phone to call Elaine, but she rejected his call. Desperate, he called Arlo instead and forced Wellston’s King to get Elaine over to his house. Upon arriving, Elaine accused John of hurting Seraphina, but John violently slapped her and forced the healer to use her ability on the injured Ace. Once the stab wound was healed, John noticed that Seraphina was still unconscious and asked Elaine what was wrong. When Elaine was unable to provide a proper answer, John was about to strike her again, but was stopped by Arlo, who told him to figure out what happened himself.[61] After copying Healing, John was able to remove a needle in Seraphina's neck that he suspected had something to do with her negated ability and unconsciousness. After taking her to his bed, he fell asleep.[62]

Later at night, the same organization that attacked Seraphina earlier raided John's house to retrieve her again. Arlo and John teamed up to stop the intruders, barely managing to stop one of them from escaping with Seraphina. However, the captor held Seraphina at knifepoint and threatened to kill her unless John deactivated his his ability and Arlo deactiviated his Barrier.[63]

Unordinary John vs Kidnapper

John battling one of Seraphina's kidnappers.

With Seraphina held at knife-point, and the captor intent killing the God-tier, John realized that he had to find a more discreet way to rescue Seraphina. On the fly, John acted as if he was conceding to the captor’s terms and began to tell Arlo to release his Barrier. While Arlo initially thought that John was giving up, the King realized that the raven-haired boy was creating a distraction. Arlo and John managed to annoy and distract the captor with their “argument” and got him to lower the knife, allowing John to attack the kidnapper and release Seraphina. With Elaine tending to Seraphina, John angrily began to stab the kidnapper, before the captors’ van struck Arlo’s Barrier and hit John; he was not downed however, and the captors decided to book it. John attempted to stop the van with his own Barrier, but the van easily broke out of that as well.[64]

After successfully rescuing Seraphina from the clutches of her kidnappers, Arlo, Elaine, and John began to recover from the injuries they sustained as well as the temporal ability dampening that occurred to them earlier that night. Even though the trio successfully saved Seraphina, John angrily berated Arlo for the escape of the kidnappers, causing the two to enter a heated argument; they were stopped by Elaine, however. While Arlo and Elaine discussed their speculations of the kidnapping being preplanned, John sat on the floor of his couch, pondering about their conversation, only entering the conversation when he recalled the kidnappers saying “It’s going to wear off soon, and if that happens, we’re done for.” Arlo accurately surmised that the ability dampening had something to do with Seraphina’s defeat but figuring out how the kidnappers managed to track Seraphina was another matter. Suddenly, the King recalled the conversation regarding the Kovoro Mall incident with Remi and remembered that John and Seraphina went to the mall a month-and-a-half earlier. Upon realizing this revelation, Arlo began to tell John about his findings and that his house was being watched, but John refused to believe the King, saying, “Not everyone spends an entire month planning the downfall of a single person.” Regardless of John’s disbelief, he asked Arlo what the kidnappers’ motives were, but none of the trio were sure...[65]

Unordinary John Elaine Heal

John heals himself as Elaine heals Arlo.

Seraphina was still unconscious after their conversation, and Elaine worried that they should go to the hospital and report the incident to the authorities. Arlo agreed with her course of action, but John suggested an alternative, to take her to Doctor Darren, talk to Headmaster Vaughn, and keep the authorities out of it. By the time the three had fallen asleep, Seraphina had woken up, groggy, sick, and confused with the recent events. She realized that she was not feeling well and ran to the bathroom to vomit. When John checked on her, Seraphina realized that she was still groggy and realized that her ability was completely useless. Elaine and Arlo followed Seraphina and John into the bedroom, much to Seraphina’s confusion, but John happily explained their situation. Arlo was irritated with John’s cheery demeanor, but when John asked Arlo if he could borrow his phone, John menacingly reminded the King that his phone was broken by “some jerks.” Arlo handed John his phone and he began to call the school doctor.[66]

Despite being a break day for the doctor, Darren reluctantly agreed to see John and Seraphina that morning. After performing some check-ups on the school’s Ace, the Doctor confirmed that Seraphina’s bodily systems were perfectly normal, save for her ability being gone. He promised to get back to the duo after he gets the test results and advised them to keep quiet about the situation. Even though the doctor had said that the drug would likely last four days, Seraphina was still worried about the entire situation, but John assured her that nobody will know and four days would pass in a flash...[67]


Upon returning to school, Headmaster Vaughn sent John a notice to meet in his office and was told that he would be located to live on the campus dorms. John was less than pleased upon hearing the news, but the Headmaster was unwilling to negotiate. Later on, at lunch, he found Seraphina on the roof, being a truant as usual, and was pleased to see that his best friend did not change much at all. However, upon Seraphina's nonchalant attitude regarding other students discovering her temporary powerlessness, John berated his best friend, telling her that constantly being in impossible scenarios messes with one's head. After cautioning his best friend, Seraphina agreed to be more careful with her condition, easing John's nerves. Even with everything seemingly back to normal, Seraphina's suspension had altered John's mentality, and for the first time ever, he ignored a student getting bullied...[68]

Unordinary Handshake

John and his new roommate, Blyke, are forced to shake hands.

After packing all of his baggage, a less-than-pleased John was escorted to the campus dormitories by Head of Security Keene. Along the way, the two ran into Zeke who "promised" to take good care of John during his stay. Things turned from bad to worse when John found out the identity of his roommate...the school Jack, Blyke. The two recalled each other with bitter fury, but were forced to shake hands and outwardly call truce; their thoughts, however said otherwise.[69]

The next morning, according to his new roommate Blyke, John hogged the bathroom for half an hour, enraging the Jack. John was later seen on the rooftops with Seraphina, bemoaning his current situation. However, despite the tensions between the Jack and the supposed cripple, Seraphina believes that the two can get along if John was like his old self.[70]

Unordinary Mardin Zeke and John

John is "welcomed" by Zeke and Mardin.

On his way back to the dorms, John found himself attacked by Mardin, but easily defeated the bully before being caught by the "ruler" of the boys dormitory, Zeke.[71] Arrogantly, Zeke demanded John to address him as "King" and to bow in his presence, and to his surprise, John complied. Not satisfied with John's tone, Zeke caught up with John and began to bully him mercilessly. As he endured blow after blow, John began to rant about how he and Zeke were no different, referring to how he used to beat up the helpless and how they are both "another pieces of garbage in this world." Angered and startled by the outburst, Zeke knocked John out and grumbled that his entire week was ruined.[72]

The unconscious John was later retrieved by Blyke and Isen and was taken to his bed to recover. After waking up in his own room, John was surprised by the presence of the school Jack and the journalist, questioning why they had helped him. Isen attempted to quell John by (fruitlessly) assuring that he meant no harm, but John remained suspicious and questioned Isen's motives. Fed up with John's cynicism, Blyke angrily grabbed John by the shirt collar and refused to let go until Isen forced him to. The duo eventually decided to leave John alone to recover.[73]

The next morning, after preparing himself for school, John was stopped by two bullies who were there on behalf of Zeke, warning him that breaking the rules would only lead to more trouble. But before the situation could become more violent, Blyke shot an Energy Beam at one of the students and warned everyone, including John not to start a conflict in his presence again. The two roommates headed out, though Blyke expressed his annoyance at John following him so closely, forcing him to walk slower.[74] Due to his broken arm from his tussle with Zeke and Mardin, John went to see the doctor to get his arm fulled healed. While he was resting in the infirmary, he noticed Seraphina, with a bloodstain on her head. Seraphina remained nonchalant about the situation however, knowing that John endured the same pain during his time in Wellston and was even unfazed by the student body figuring out she had no powers, but John only grew angrier. He berated Seraphina for her nonchalant behavior and continued to go on about how every injury he took "hurt like hell," but Seraphina told him that she knew about his behavioral changes. She then asked John the question, "What happened between you and Arlo?"[75]

Unordinary John and Sera Infirmary

John and an injured Seraphina in the infirmary.

Even though John attempted to avoid the question, Seraphina had enough concrete evidence to prove that he wasn't being truthful to her. Instead of coming clean, however, John formulated a half-truth; he told Seraphina about how Arlo had feigned friendship with him and how he lured John out to the Turf Wars battle ground to only be beaten by Ventus and Meili. However, John claimed that he was defeated that day and that Arlo forced him to keep his mouth shut about the encounter, conveniently omitting the fact that he was the one that told Arlo to keep his mouth shut. John further explained that he called Arlo the day he found Seraphina unconscious because he had no other choice. Later, after Seraphina was having a private word with Darren, John left the infirmary and bumped into Arlo, commanding the King to meet him on the rooftop in fifteen minutes.[76]

On the rooftop, John waits impatiently for Arlo to meet him. When they finally meet, John complains how Seraphina was injured from a rock being thrown at her and says that Arlo was responsible. But the King scolded John, telling him that as Seraphina's constant companion, he should be the one responsible for her safety. As Arlo began away, John becomes enraged and attacks Arlo by punching him in the face, but Arlo shoves him into the fence warning him that he owes John nothing.[77]

Unordinary John Rooftop

John waits for Arlo.

John overhears a talk that Seraphina was shoved down a flight of stairs, and runs toward the infirmary, and accidentally bumping into Remi. John later learns that a "green-haired-bun girl" was behind all of Sera's injuries, and that the Ace revealed her connection to John to Keon. Yet, despite everything that happened, John comforts Seraphina and told her that everything will be alright.[78]


John had just finished taking a shower when his roommate Blyke returned to the dorms. He gave his roommate the cold shoulder despite Blyke wishing him a good night.[79]

Arc 14

Unordinary John vs Crail

John battles Crail while protecting Seraphina.

The next morning, Blyke offered to walk with John, but he refused his roommate's offer and walked out on his own. Later that day, John complained about his constrained dorm life to Seraphina, but was met with a crowd of people, huddling around the billboard. To his horror, news had gone around that Seraphina was powerless, and everyone in the school knew.[80] Now that both he and the former ace were targets, John attempted to escort Seraphina to safety, but Crail and Skrev gave chase, determined to take the two cripples down. But before the two bullies could do any harm, John manged to fend off both Crail and Skrev without the aid of an ability and continued to run...only to throw himself in the way of Krolik's Lazor. Weakened, John was vulnerable to a well-placed Strong Punch from Crail and was downed, unable to defend himself. Despite the overwhelming odds, Seraphina shoved Crail and stood between the bullies and John. Determined to continue protecting Seraphina, John managed to stand up, but the fight was already diffused by Blyke.[81]

Seraphina and the injured John managed to make their way to the infirmary, and for the first time in her life, the once god-tier realized what it was like to be a powerless against non-favorable odds. She had felt powerless and was betrayed by all the students, because of a simple bulletin board. John told Seraphina that many weaker students, especially those at the bottom would take the opportunity to fight back, if given the chance. Though Seraphina looked bleak and gloomy, John attempted to cheer her up, telling her that her condition was only temporary. However, John's go-lucky attitude did not extend to Arlo, whom he confronted about the new of Seraphina's new status as a cripple. He attempted to force Arlo into fixing the problem, but Arlo had enough, and told John to "solve your own problems."[82] That night, John was thinking about Arlo's words, and thought to himself that was cannot solve his own problems.[83]

The next morning, John met up with Seraphina and comforted her to not think too much about her lost ability. Unbeknownst to both him and Seraphina, Zeke was behind them, hoping to ambush them in front of Wellston's student body. As Zeke had the two beaten and bruised, Arlo had taken notice, and for the first time in front of the student body, the King had lost his temper, and chastised his subjects for wasting their time on Cripples. Once the rest of the students left the hallway, John attempted to get Arlo to help Seraphina to the infirmary, but the once composed Arlo was in no mood to aid John. Instead, Arlo held John against the locker and furiously told him off for his cowardice. After reminding Seraphina that she was a cripple, Alro left the two with these foreboding words, "Both of you need to grow up and accept reality."[83]

Unordinary John Zeke vengeance

John about to get even with Zeke.

Arlo's words began to stir up uncertainty within Seraphina, and her current state of powerlessness began to worry her. Though John tried his best to comfort his best friend, her worries began to plague her to the point of uncertainty. John managed to get Seraphina to calm down, but once she was asleep, John walked out into the hallway, remembering how Arlo had called him a coward. Furiously, he began to punch the wall, angry that he was unable to protect Seraphina. Though fearful of Seraphina finding out about his ability, John decided to get even with Zeke.[84] Masked in a Zeke's discarded paper bag, John attacked Zeke and copied Phase Shift for himself. Zeke found himself at John's mercy, and conceded the match, but John continued to pummel Zeke until the Godslayer found himself unconscious.

The next day, John gets out of his dorm early to meet with Seraphina, who has been mourning about her ability loss the whole night. John decides to train Seraphina about self-defense on the school roof, until another Wellston student forces them both to leave the roof. As they leave, John gives the student a glare. While talking to Seraphina, he spots the green-haired bun girl walking down the hallway. Angrily, John remember what the girl did to Seraphina and decided to get even; in order to keep Seraphina away as he enacted his revenge, John claimed that he had to go to the infirmary. When Seraphina is gone, John follows the green haired girl, when she is alone in the halls and dons a paper bag mask to hide his identity. Once masked and incognito, John attempts to attack the girl, but she uses her ability to quickly dodge the attack.[85]

Unordinary John Catch Up

John attacks Juni.

The girl, revealed to be Juni, used her Flash Forward and realizes that she is outmatched; her only hope is to trick John and escape. However, John simply copied Juni's Flash Forward, and in an ironic twist of fate, he kicked Juni down the stairs. Fearing her masked attacker, Juni dashes towards the cafeteria, expecting the paper bag-clad attacker to follow her, but instead, John, sans paper bag, enters the cafeteria. John pretends that he is going on with his daily routine and go sits at an isolated table, but once Juni leaves the cafeteria, John took notice of Heinz and Yuline battling and activating their abilities. Once Juni left the cafeteria, John copies Heinz's Catch Up and Yuline's Clobber and gave chase. With two new abilities copied, John was easily able to catch up to Juni and elbowed her to the ground. Caught with nowhere left to run, Juni attempted to appeal to her attacker, apologizing for whatever she did to wrong the bagged attacker and promised to do whatever he told her. Her pleas fell onto deaf ears, however, as John mercilessly punched her, and for good measure, kicked her while she was still down. He then left the bloodied and unconscious Juni on the hallway floor.[86]

Bonus Episodes


John was one of the three characters to be introduced by Uru-chan. He is the only student to wear his vest and has greasy hair.[87]

Scary Movie

After being scared by a horror movie, John screamed in fear. Seraphina froze time so she could take an embarrassing photo of him.[87]

L is for Loser

Elaine mentioned to Arlo how John's lock of hair looks like the letter "L". Meanwhile, John sneezed while taking his groceries home.[87]

Morning Routine

John went through the process of how he styles his hair.[87]


Uru-chan showed John a petition to stop gelling his hair. He immediately refused.[87]

Levels and Tiers

John's defaced stats are shown on the tier list with his level crossed out replaced with a 1.0 and his ability "sass" replaced with N/A. He is the only cripple on the tier list.[88]

While uru-chan was teaching about abilities, John was asleep on his desk.[88]

Powers & Abilities

??? "Ability Mimicry": John has one of the strongest abilities in unORDINARY as he is capable of copying abilities and combining them for devastating results. It should be noted that John's stats fluctuate depending on the abilities he is currently mimicking. The full extent of his ability is unknown, but he has been shown to use three different abilities at once. In addition, John is also capable of detecting and sensing intensities of auras given off by other abilities. Early on in his life, John's level was a 1.2, though by unknown means, his ability grew to the point where he could even best a god-tier in combat. According to Keon, John's rampage against his class left many classmates in critical condition.[9] The full extent of his powers are currently unknown, but it is confirmed that he has enough power to overthrow a god-tier like Arlo.

The only known weakness of John's ability is that copied abilities do not carry over, and disappear once he deactivates his ability.

Abilities Mimicked


Physical Abilities

Despite initially not using any abilities, John is shown to be capable of holding his own and even defeating those with abilities such as Gavin,[19] Krolik[33], and Hower[40] with his fists and reflexes. He often practices hand to hand combat against a punching bag during workouts.


In terms of grades, John is only an average student. However, as shown against his first battle with Gavin, John is shown to be a very witty person and has even won battles with his wit.[19][24]

Significant Relationships


UnOrdinary Ch9 03

John and his best-friend, Seraphina.

Despite being the strongest student in all of Wellston Private High School, Seraphina is best friends with John the Cripple. Though the discrepancy between their levels would prevent such a friendship, John and Seraphina share a genuine relationship, with both members caring for each other's well-being. By hanging out with John, Seraphina began to understand the ideologies of Unordinary and even admire the Cripple for his optimism and positive mindset, despite the odds being clearly against him. Even after Seraphina loses her ability, John takes the time out of his life to help her cope with her new status as a fellow Cripple. However, Seraphina is, for the most part, unaware of John's past and ability, and John's biggest fear is to have his best friend reject him once she finds out.

William H. Doe

Unordinary John and William

John and his father, William.

William H. Doe is the author of Unordinary and dedicated said book to his son John. He is the man responsible for helping John get back on his feet and teaching his son both poker and self-defense. Like any good father, Mr. Doe is concerned for John's well-being and calls him every now and then to check on him or even flies over to visit. However, William does not approve of John living as a Cripple and lying to his best friend but ultimately leaves the choice up to his own son.


UnOrdinary spotlight

John and Arlo in one of unORDINARY's headers.

Arlo is both disgusted and intrigued by John. While the King sees John as the very reason for Seraphina's lax, carefree behavior, he also see John as a source of interest due to his defiance of society's hierarchy and lack of fear. He, along with Isen, are the only Wellston students who know John has an ability. Due to his interest in John's ability, Arlo decides to formulate a plan to make John break down and reveal his true colors. After being defeated by John, Arlo fears John to an extent, but he is also annoyed with John for not taking responsibility of his own issues.


Unordinary Handshake

John (reluctantly) shakes hand with his new roommate, Blyke.

Blyke was never aware of John's presence until John's confrontation with Remi. After said confrontation, both John and Blyke appear to detest each other, and their relationship is further strained once they were forced to be roommates. However, after visiting Branish, Blyke begins to see firsthand what the lower-tiers go though and attempts to treat John with more kindness.

Doctor Darren

UnOrdinary Dr.StopJohn

Dr. Darren stopping John from leaving the infirmary.

As the school doctor, Darren constantly has to heal John due to him being a popular target among bullies. John's constant visits to the infirmary frustrate Darren to no end. However, he does care for John's well-being and is one of the few staff members to know of John's ability.


Elaine was the first person to greet John on his first day at Wellston. Sadly, she was also the first to shun John once he revealed that he had no abilities and made John realize that Wellston was like the rest of the world. After learning that he defeated Arlo, Elaine becomes fearful of him.


Isen is one of John's classmates and was assigned by Arlo to investigate the supposed cripple. For the most part, save for one interview, Isen did not interact with John much at all. Upon realizing John's ability, however, Isen fears John.


Unlike almost every other student at Wellston, Remi was more willing to help John pick up his papers. Unfortunately, despite Remi's good intentions, John slapped Remi's hand away in anger. Despite this, Remi told Blyke to leave it be.[90]


Claire was John's classmate in New Bostin High School. When John was bullied back then, Claire was the one that helped him up. However, John feels enmity against Claire as he saw her as a leech that used him to benefit herself as well as a traitor who turned the class against him.[5]


  • (To Seraphina on his rough day) "I just... had a long day."[37]
  • (To Arlo) "You should be grateful. If you're able to keep all but one person in line... Then you must be doing your job right."[41]
  • "After all...a King is nothing if his subjects refuse to follow him."
  • (Being tricked by Arlo) "All I wanted was to be ordinary."
  • "I'm not the monster. They are."
  • (To Sera, after returning from battling Arlo) "Please...don't look at me now."
  • (To Arlo) "If anyone finds out about what happened here today... I'll dethrone you. "
  • (To Zeke ) "Go ahead. You and your incompetent lapdog...can do whatever the hell you want with me. Just don't forget...In the're just like me. Another worthless piece of trash in this world."
  • (To Zeke) "Congratu-f*cking-lations." 
  • (To Arlo while discussing about the 'kidnapping' event) "You know, Arlo... not everyone spends an entire month planning on the downfall of a single person."
  • (To Seraphina, upon her return from suspension) "You don't understand. The moment you fall, people become cruel."
  • (To Seraphina) "When you're always stuck in situations where there's no way to fight back... It starts messing with you. In here. You feel trapped. Angry. Detached from yourself. ...It sucks."

Notes & Trivia

UnOrdinary John powers

John's eyes glowing as seen in the UnOrdinary promotional video

UnOrdinary First time that John's eyes glows

Chapter 3 - First time that John's eyes glows.

  • John and his father W.H. Doe are the only characters in the series to have known surnames.
  • In real life, John's full name is a placeholder name that refers to a person, party or corpse whose identity is unknown.
  • Despite being introduced as powerless, it was hinted throughout the series that John had an ability until it was confirmed in Chapter 41 by his eyes glowing.
    • LINE Webtoons's video on UnOrdinary also shows John with glowing eyes in one scene.[91]
    • In Chapter 3 John's eyes seem to glow when he throws Gavin out the window.
    • In Chapter 4 John's eyes seem to glow again as he was playing Slappy Pig with Sera .
    • In Chapter 54, John uses his ability for the first time since transferring to Wellston.
    • Uru-chan stated in herFireside Chat that John was originally going to be powerless throughout unORDINARY but began to plan out his ability staring from Chapter 2.
  • In the Bonus Episode 2, John has his ability "Sass" crossed out and replaced with "N/A" as a joke. In the same fashion, John's level was scratched out and replaced with a 1.0.
  • Many fans commented that John looked better with his hair unkempt and Uru-chan addressed this in the form of a petition in the first Bonus Episode. John finally let his hair down in Chapter 40.
  • His birthday is on the 18th of November.[6]
  • In Chapter 35, Arlo commented that John's behavior was like that of a high-tier; it was also hinted that John may have had a personality change during his transition from New Bostin to Wellston.
  • Isen has also implied that John is a high-tier ("What happens when a high-tier runs rampant?").[92] Furthermore, John might even be a god-tier, as Isen implied that he did not think Arlo could deal with him.[92]
  • John seems to like wearing shorts, as in all instances when he wears casual clothing he is seen wearing shorts.[23][29][31][5][45]
  • An "A" can be seen in the ability box of John's New Bostin High School records. This could mean that his ability starts with an A or it is simply placeholder text.[6]
    • The records also state "NOTE: Do not activate ability when handling situations involving John". This implies that John becomes a noticeable threat when people with abilities activate them in John's presence.[6]
  • It is currently unknown what John's ability level is. However, he is likely a god-tier (Level 6+), as Uru-chan stated that only a god-tiers can defeat another.
  • It is revealed in Chapter 85 that John's ability level when he was still in New Bostin Grade and Middle School was around level 1.2, with no signs of progress. But, his ability level shot up to a greater degree when he was in high school, as Isen stated.
  • Upon attacking his chosen targets, John chooses to cover his head with a paper bag in order for his victims not to find out who he is, after following Arlo's suggestion on fixing up his own mess and issues. Fans would rather call him "ʎɐpsǝn┴" once he's hunting down his targets with the paper bag on his head.
  • The hair gel John uses recives much hatred from the fanbase.


  • In Episode 21 of Quimchee's webtoon I Love Yoo, John and Seraphina were waiting in line to play a game of Fabio Kart.[94]
  • In Episode 13 of Enjelicious's webtoon Age Matters, John and Arlo are singing about a stopping hairgel petition.


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