Investigation Arc Episodes

UnOrdinary Ch18
Chapter 18
22nd September, 2016
The aftermath of the Turf Wars match sends ripples of shock through all of Wellston; except for John, who is busy cramming from a history test...

UnOrdinary Ch19
Chapter 19
29th September, 2016
Seraphina thinks about her past in Wellston, before she met John, and when everything she did had to be perfect...

UnOrdinary Ch20
Chapter 20
6th October, 2016
Seraphina's first confrontation with John was anything like the peaceful and friendly relationship they have today... After all, what's a Queen who can't control her subjects?

UnOrdinary Ch21
Chapter 21
13th October, 2016
W. H. Doe makes his first appearance ever! - as an icon on John's phone and an ubiquitous presence over his book and all those that read it.

UnOrdinary Ch22
Chapter 22
20th October, 2016
Elaine discovers a dark secret about her exalted roommate that drives her to call Arlo for help.

UnOrdinary Ch23
Chapter 23
27th October, 2016
Remi is finally back in school and Blyke brings her up to date on what conspired during her eventful absence. Meanwhile, John and Arlo have a chance encounter in the hallway.

UnOrdinary Ch24
Chapter 24
3rd November, 2016
John loses his temper when he sees a "Death Pool" for murdered vigilantes and attacks Krolik when he tries to destroy a weaker student's school project.

UnOrdinary Ch25
Chapter 25
17th November, 2016
Remi pays Seraphina a quick visit and Isen tries to figure out more about the enigma of John's behaviour.

UnOrdinary Ch26
Chapter 26
24th November, 2016
Isen accosts John in the hallway and interviews him about his life.

UnOrdinary Ch27
Chapter 27
1st December, 2016
Isen finds another elusive piece of the puzzle of John's past.

UnOrdinary Ch28
Chapter 28
8th December, 2016
Seraphina faces expulsion and serious punishment when her illegal activity is reported to Headmaster Vaughn and she has to survive an interrogation with formidable and intimidating government official Nadia.