Illena is a student of Wellston





Illena, along with Tanner and Wenqi cornered John in hopes to use him for "target practice," but were interrupted when Doctor Darren scared them.[2]

True ColoursEdit

Illena was later seen cornering John yet again in hopes to use him for target practice and was shocked when she saw John easily break Tanner's arm. Out of rage, she and Wenqi charged towards the "cripple." Without too much effort, the four bullies easily overpowered John. Out of rage, Illena attempted to punch John, but she would end up punching Arlo's Barrier. As Illena was aided by Wenqi, she witnessed Wellston's King force Tanner into submission. [1]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Strength: Illena's ability, Strength, grants her an increase in her physical strength and can make opponents cough up blood by simply striking them.


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