Hunter is an ability that grants its user a range of powers allowing them to hunt down other people.

Description Edit

When using Hunter, its user gains no visible physical enhancements. However, their body is surrounded by a glow of their signature colour.

Usage Edit

  • Selective X-Ray Vision: Users can view a selected organ from a target, such as the heart, while ignoring other organs. The organ being viewed will glow with a reticle over it in the user's vision, while everything else will look dark.[1]
  • Enhanced Strength: Isen has displayed the strength to punch Blyke through a solid wall[2] and stop a moving truck without any visible injury.[3]
  • Telescopic Vision: Isen was able to observe the fight between John and the bullies from a window high up the school building. [4]
  • Targeting: Users can "lock on" to a person and track their movement. Much like with x-ray vision, the target will glow and everything else will appear dark in the user's vision.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

Thanks to the wide range of powers that come with Hunter's kit, users can observe, track, and subdue their targets amidst chaos and distraction.

Like all abilities, Hunter users can be overpowered by those of a higher level as shown when Isen couldn't budge Arlo's arm despite his increased strength.[5]



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