Hower is a student of Wellston High.


Hower is a teenager with chartreuse coloured hair and blue eyes and is usually seen wearing a Wellston school uniform.

Like Arlo and Seraphina, his eyes glow a bright sky blue when using his ability. His speech bubbles are chartreuse.


Not too much is known about Hower's personality, except that he (like most students of Wellston) doesn't like John and likes to use him as target practice. [1]


Project PartnersEdit

On John's first day of school, Hower was assigned a literary analysis project with Mardin.[2]


Suspension Edit

During lunch one day, Hower was about to attack John with his Heat Palm, but only succeeded in getting a bloody nose from John elbowing him in the face. As John warned him not to mess with him that day, Hower could only look on in bewilderment. [1]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Hower's Heat Palm

Heat Palm: Hower's ability is Heat Palm. [1] When activated, his palm glows bright red and can probably burn things.

Relationships Edit

  • John: Like all other students at Wellston, Hower sees John as an easy target to bully.
  • Mardin: Hower and Mardin were once partnered up do present a literary analysis project.[2]


  • (To John) "Hey loser! Ready to lose your lunch?!"[1]


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