Vaughn is the headmaster of Wellston High.


Vaughn is a distinctive gentleman with wavy teal-coloured hair and a thick teal-coloured goatee. He has green eyes and wears brown-rimmed spectacles.



Headmaster Vaughn called Seraphina to his office after Elaine snitched on her about possessing the book Unordinary. When Seraphina arrived, he introduced her to Nadia and explained that the woman was from the government. Vaughn then observed as Nadia interrogated Seraphina about her possession of the book, but stepped in when Nadia's questions went off-track. After the interrogation, Seraphina left his office.[2]

True ColoursEdit

Headmaster Vaughn summoned Keene to his office to discuss EMBER and Seraphina's recent suspension. He then mentioned Rei, the former King who graduated four years ago, and revealed that he was killed by EMBER, much to Keene's shock and dismay. He also says that Rei managed to get a copy of Unordinary and there had been two cases related to high-tiers and Unordinary in Wellston already.

Headmaster Vaughn mentioned that because Wellston had the highest concentration of high-tiers in the area, he wanted Keene to increase security measures by monitering anyone who enters the school and flushing out any potential spies.[3]


The weekend after the disaster at Kovoro Mall, Headmaster Vaughn called in Remi, Blyke, Isen for their involvement in the incident. After explaining that they cleared up their involvement with the mall security, Headmaster Vaughn let them go with a warning to be more careful in public.[4]


To add to the Headmaster's list of worries, Arlo and Elaine reported a break-in that had occurred at John's house. He promised to report this to Keene and dismissed the two students.[5] He later sent a notice to John and told him that he was going to be relocated to the school dorms. Despite John's protests, the Headmaster did not take "no" as a valid answer.[6]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

While his exact ability and power level are unknown, Headmaster Vaughn is confirmed to be a high-tier.[1]


  • (To Nadia) "Now, now, Miss Nadia. My students are all very busy. Please respect their time by asking questions that are relevant to the topic at hand."[7]
  • (To Keene) "I don't want the authorities meddling into my business".[1]


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