Energy Beam is a powerful ability that allows its user to shoot rays or spheres of bright energy from their hands.

Description Edit

As its name suggests, Energy Beam grants its users the ability to utilize beams of energy emitted from their hands. These Energy Beams can be manipulated for different purposes.

The Energy Beams emitted from the user's hands are in their signature colour.

Usage Edit

  • Long-range Beam: Users with this ability are capable of firing powerful long-range energy lasers.
  • Energy Spheres: By concentrating energy into their palms, users can create throw-able spheres that explode on contact, rather than beams, While more powerful, they also have a far shorter range.
  • Propulsion: Users can use Energy Beams to propel themselves at high speeds.[1]
  • Smoke Dispersal: Blyke has used a short-range Energy Beam to clear smoke from a smoke bomb.

Strengths and Limitations Edit

Despite being predominantly used for long-ranged combat, the Energy Beam is the most versatile Projectile Generation ability as it not only grants its user long range combat ability, but also also grants a variety of projectiles types ranging from spheres to lasers. In addition, unlike other Projectile Generating abilities, Energy Beam can also propel its user which in turn grants increased speed and mobility.

Like all Projectile Generation abilities, Energy Beam has only been shown to be generated from the hands.



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