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EMBER"s logo on the body of their victim.

EMBER is a criminal syndicate, which hunts and kills vigilante superheroes. According to the news, "Shatterstack" was their most recent victim. [1] Not much is known about the organization.

Organization Edit

The organization of EMBER is shrouded in complete mystery. What is known about EMBER is that it targets vigilantes and people with high power-levels. According to news reports, anyone killed by EMBER usually has multiple stab wounds and burns, as well as the EMBER insignia burned onto their bodies.

Remi and Isen believe that the organization is connected to, or even part of, the authorities, but as of Chapter 50, it is mere speculation.

Members Edit

Due to EMBER's mysterious nature, no confirmed members have ever been seen. However, it is speculated that the Ability Gauge Vendor and the Invisible Assailant are members of the organisation.

Victims Edit

References Edit

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