Claire is a student from New Bostin High School. She frequently appears in John's flashbacks.

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Claire has light green hair done up in braids, red eyes and fair skin. She is seen wearing a purple coloured top with a frilly collar and has a band-aid on her left cheek.

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Claire appears to be kind and compassionate, especially to bully victims.

According to John, she is somewhat manipulative when it comes to achieving her ulterior motives.[1] However, it should be noted that she was trying to stop John because he had become a tyrant.

History Edit

New Bostin High School Edit

Claire attended New Bostin High School alongside John in class 2-B. At some point during John's time at New Bostin, Claire helped him out after the latter got bullied. [2] It was also revealed that she saw John's future as the King of New Bostin.

However, as time went on in New Bostin, John became corrupt. In order to stop him, Claire rallied the students of New Bostin against John. Unfortunately, John proved to be too powerful for the combined might of the other students. As John furiously expressed his anger for being used by Claire, she expressed her disgust of John becoming a tyrant and a monster. [3]


Claire has often appeared in a series of flashbacks in John's mind. She has yet to appear in-person in the present day.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Precognition : Claire appears to have the ability to see visions of the future.[3]

Relationships Edit

  • John: Both John and Claire were students of New Bostin High School in class 2-B. John often has flashbacks of her, which were all negative since he seems to hate Claire. Additionally, he said that Claire was the one person he could trust, until she betrayed him. In actuality, Claire did help out John at one point and had thought positively about him, but later saw him as a monstrous tyrant who grossly misused his powers. [3]

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Note & Trivia Edit

  • She has yet to make an in-person appearance in the series and has only appeared in John's flashbacks.
  • Her name was first revealed on uru-chan's Twitter. She has since been identified in John's flashback in Chapter 42.
  • The name "Claire" may have a connection to clairvoyance which strengthens the possibility of her ability being of the likes of Precognition.


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