Come on, I know you can't keep a secret.

- Isen to Blyke

This is the 18th episode of unORDINARY


John watches the news about the murder of a powerful and popular vigilante called ArkRAYgeous by the infamous EMBER group in the nearby South Wellston area.

The day after the infamous Turf Wars match in Chapter 17, Isen and Blyke meet at school. After some pressuring from his friend, Blyke tells Isen what happened during Turf Wars; namely, Seraphina attacking Arlo.

Meanwhile, John is on his way to class, busy cramming for a big history test he forgot to study for. Unfortunately, he bumps into Arlo on the way. Arlo's blue-haired friend is incensed by John's casual apology, but suspiciously, Arlo lets him go and even wishes him luck on his test.

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  • This episode marks the first appearance of Arlo's unnamed blue-haired friend, the tenth most powerful student in Wellston.

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