Let me help you.

- Claire

This is the 12th episode of unOrdinary.


In a mysterious room somewhere, two silhouettes discuss "Target 93", whose location they are tracking.

Meanwhile, John and Seraphina are asleep in his living room. Tortured by a nightmare of a traumatic childhood memory, John suddenly wakes up and leaves the house. When he returns, Seraphina notes that he is not talking as much as usual.

After John accidentally snaps at her, Seraphina leaves to go back to her dormitory. When she arrives, she is confronted by her worried roommate Elaine.

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  • The Ability Gauge in Chapter 9 has a speech bubble colour of #FEC995 (a peach colour), while the mysterious silhouette in the first few panels has a speech bubble colour of #F9BF80 (a darker peach colour).
  • Seraphina wears hair extensions.
  • Elaine is Seraphina's roommate.
  • This was the first chapter to be released on a Thursday rather than a Tuesday.
  • This is the second chapter to not feature an ability.

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