I live in an ordinary world... And go to an ordinary school...

- John Doe on Wellston Private High School

This is the first official episode of unORDINARY.


Beginning in the middle of a boring trigonometry lesson, John silently complains about how the class sucks while narrating about his "ordinary" life. After asking to go to the bathroom, he is heckled by Mardin, who is hit in the face with a piece of chalk by the teacher for doing so, causing a bloody nose.

On the way to the bathroom, he comes across Blyke, who has been knocked through the wall by Isen, angering Blyke. They start fighting over Blyke breaking part of Isen's pen, heavily damaging the corridor in the process due to their incredibly destructive abilities. John, who claims to have been born without an ability, flees the scene in fear in order to find a different bathroom to use.

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  • John is revealed to not have an ability of his own.
  • There is a hidden message in the teacher's fourth speech bubble.
    • "If you're actually reading this crap, write "i like cake" in the comments section of this episode."

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