Cecile is a student of Wellston Private High School.

Appearance Edit

Cecile has short, straight, teal-coloured hair and purple eyes. She wears eyeliner and during school, she wears the Wellston girls' uniform.

She has teal speech bubbles. Her eyes glow violet when her ability is activated.


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Cecile's initial confrontation with Remi betrayed a typical high-tier mindset and attitude. She looks down on low-tiers and considers helping them a waste of time and effort. Not one for beating around the bush or pleasantries, she nearly forced Remi to fight her and refused to respect the new Queen without losing to her in a battle first.


Cecile was once Queen of Wellston Private High School until she was dethroned by the current queen, Remi.[1]



Curious about the identity of the anonymous reporter who made a story of the Kovoro Mall incident, Remi went in to see Cecile. Instead of obeying the Queen's orders however, Cecile decided to challenge Remi by making the queen assert her authority on her. Seeing that the Queen couldn't force her, Cecile began to criticize Remi for being a weak Queen and sent her off with a message, "You should learn from his (Rei) mistakes.[2]

Cecile was then approached by Arlo and intially criticized the King for favoring Remi, dreading that she and Blyke would run the school like Rei had. However, Arlo reminded Cecile that Remi overthrew her and warned her to respect the queen. Reluctantly, Cecile revealed to Arlo that the anonymous reporter's name was Terrence.[1]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Not much known about her ability, but she is a high-tier.[2]

Relationships Edit

  • Rei: Cecile looks down on Rei for the way he ran Wellston when he was King, calling him weak and idealistic to the point of naiveté.
  • Remi: Cecile does not respect Remi's status as Queen either due to her similarities to the deceased Rei. Cecile was also dethroned by Remi and could have been "destroyed"

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Cecile appears to be in charge of the Wellston Weekly newspaper.


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