• 진75369

    In need of images.

    August 9, 2017 by 진75369

    Hello, my fellow UnOrdinary fans, I have a request for all editors who are on the wiki. We are in need of more images starting from the True Colours Arc and beyond. For those who haven't noticed, I have been adding images onto the character pages just to break up all of the monotonous text in the plot section. All images must either be in .jpg or .png format (preferrably .png due to quality), but unfortunately for me, I do not have a personal computer and am unable to post PNG images. If any editor does this, that will be of great help to the wiki!

    Before upload please follow this rules

    1. All images must have unordinary in their file name. Example: "unordinary john power".
    2. All images must be in .png or .jpg format. All other formats will be deleted.
    3. Full w…
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  • JonathanLee995

    3:40 in the morning, on Fandom Wikias. What am I doing with my life. :-|

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  • 진75369

    Couple things:

    1 I have taken the liberty to add a section on character pages regarding Bonus Episodes.

    2 I'm debating on whether or not I should make a separate character page for uru-chan instead of putting it with UnOrdinary.

    Please comment your opinions and have a nice day!

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  • 진75369

    Hello UnOrdinary fandom, first of all, I have some apologizing to do.

    I apologize for my lack of activity for the last few months as I have now started a job. I will be getting a laptop soon however so I will continue my image overhaul once I get the laptop.

    I thank you all for correcting my awkward wording and grammatical mistakes; your work is greatly appreciated.

    Finally, for the best news of all...


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  • Elec squirrel10

    Nothing really special. Just some things that don't line up.

    • In Ch. 1 when Remi and Arlo are fighting over the last piece of cake, it is implied that Remi won. However, as Uru said, God-tiers are impossible to defeat by anyone outside of God-tier. Does this mean Remi won through bribery?
    • In the first bonus episode, it is said that John is the only person in the entire school who wears his vest, however, in Ch. 2, the victim of bullying is wearing a vest.
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  • Elec squirrel10

    Where to start... I dunno. Just gonna dump what I find here...

    By Elec_squirrel10

    3rd June - 4th June ~ Latest Chapter: 49

    List of all supernatural things we’ve seen him do:

    • Toss someone out of a window (his eyes were glowing at the time)
    • Sense someone’s presence
    • Beat up half a class

    So from this alone, I believe that his ability is to enhance his senses. A LOT. However, there are several possibilities after doing some looking through the chapters...

    In episode 10, he says ‘you wouldn’t get a reading from me anyways.’ BUT, even cripples have a reading! Their reading is 1.0. So for him to have no reading, there are 4 possibilities:

      His ability is above 10.0

    Which is the highest number on the standard gauging system in one of those  bonus chapters. …

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  • TitiusLivius

    Hello fellow editors! I don't know if you are going to take this as a refutable fact as I'm currently a noob editor right now lol. You see guys while I was reading the series again I noticed that in the very first panels of chapter 12, where they mark the location of John's house, there is a silouette that has a shape just like the ability gauge vendor. Not only that but he has the SAME colour bubble as the ability gauge vendor! I think that Uru-chan deliberately allowed us to see his colour bubble so we could have a clue about the situation. Could he be in charge of some tracking team that transmits information to EMBER about marked peoples whereabouts? It might not be a huge theory but it could very well mean that abilty gauge vendor is …

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  • Demotivator

    UnOrdinary will celebrate its first anniversary as one of LINE's most popular webtoons on the 24th May!

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  • 진75369


    May 11, 2017 by 진75369

    With the introduction of the second bonus from Uru-chan, we have got all the tiers. Now the quesiton is, John is considered to have a level of 1.0 and is considered low-tier on the scale. Should we give John a level of 1.0 on his character profiles?

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  • Wiktionary28

    Future Arcs

    May 10, 2017 by Wiktionary28

    Hello fellow editors, moderators, and bureaucrats of unOrdinary Wiki. I was thinking about the future story arcs, because they are unofficial and we are coming up with them, so the question is this: how and when should we end one arc and start a new one?

    Since this isn't officially provided by uru-chan, I suggest that we put it to a vote on this post anytime someone thinks we should start a new arc. If we decide that we should go from the current arc to the next one, then we suggest some names and agree on one. Following that, we make a new arc page, update the header in List of Chapters, add it to the chapters navbox and List of Arcs, as well as create the necessary header images and categories.

    This, of course, is only the suggested guidelin…

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  • 진75369

    Add dub?

    April 25, 2017 by 진75369

    Ok, so I am thinking of making a separate page for the YukikazeRailgun dub of UnOrdinary, but before I do, I need approval from the other editors. Express your approval or disapproval in the comments.

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  • 진75369

    UnOrdinary Dub

    April 24, 2017 by 진75369

    Hello Unordinary Fandom, for those who are following Uru-chan on Twitter, then you already know this, but for those that do not know, YukikazeRailgun is doing a dub of UnOrdinary that is Uru-chan approved!

    Uru-chan's approval: YukikazeRailgun's Twitter:

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  • 진75369

    JPEG Images

    April 24, 2017 by 진75369

    Hello fellow memers of UnOrdinary fandom, I have a request. Due to the quality of jpeg images, I am deleting most jpeg images with just a few exceptions. However, due to the sheer number of images, I need help deleting them. If any of you here can delete jpeg images, that would be a great help


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  • Wiktionary28

    After looking at all the ability pages, I noticed that the classifications were a bit too general and un-specific. "Fighting Ability" was used a lot, but that really applies to majority of the abilities in unORDINARY. As for usage, the same can be said of "fighting".

    So what divisions could be used instead? I've thought up one that could divide all the known abilities into more precise and aesthetically pleasing groups.


    • Physical Self-Enhancement

    Abilities that affect only the user and increases or alters their physical characteristics in some way.

    Arachnid, Heat Palm, Stone Skin, Speed, Strength, Strong Punch, Super Strength, Invisibility

    • Projectile Generation

    Abilities that create energy- or matter-based projectiles.

    Energy Beam, Grenadier, Nee…

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  • 진75369

    Congrats to Uru-chan

    April 6, 2017 by 진75369

    I know I'm two days too late, but this is too important not to post.

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  • Wiktionary28

    A while ago, Gene divided John and Seraphina's biographies into story arcs as they were getting a bit too long. Should we do this for the chapter pages as well? Personally, I think it would help with organisation, as long as we made an 'Arcs' page explaining they are unofficial.

    To recap, the arcs would be:

    Beginning: (AKA Gavin is actually a recurring villain): Prologue to Chapter 7.

    Kovoro Mall: (AKA John VS a pyromaniac and an invisible stalker): Chapter 8 to Chapter 12

    Turf Wars (AKA Sera kicks @ss): Chapter 13 to Chapter 17

    Investigation: (AKA Arlo schemes to make John miserable and Seraphina thinks about her backstory): Chapter 18 to Chapter 28

    Suspension: (AKA Seraphina gets suspended for a month because of Unordinary and everyone beats up John): …

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  • Wiktionary28

    So there are a lot of theories about unORDINARY floating around out there and since people tend to repeat them a lot, I thought I'd compile them into one post and rank how likely or plausible they are.

    There will be five ranks: Disproved, Unlikely, Possibly, Likely, and Practically Canon.

    Disproved is for the theories that were made before a chapter or something uru-chan posted on social media proved them wrong.

    Unlikely is for the theories that just don't make sense or don't have enough evidence to support them.

    Possibly is for the theories that could be true, but the evidence for them is limited or based off assumptions.

    Likely is for theories that have been backed up by sufficient canonical evidence and have a high chance of being proven true…

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  • Wiktionary28

    So I decided to make a blog post on some things I've noticed about the way uru-chan draws hairstyles or eyes or the colours in relation to the characters. Bear in mind that I'm no artist, so I won't use technical art terms to describe anything. If anything, there'll be more literature terms or colour symbolism.

    Well then, let's get started, shall we?

    Ok, so a lot of people have noticed that in the super-powered world of unORDINARY, John is literally one of the only two people with normal hair and eye colours. Black hair and brown eyes are the most common hair/eye colours in our world, but what does this say about John?

    His 'ordinary appearance' is an excellent use of irony. In our world, John would look completely ordinary, but in his world, …

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  • 진75369

    Rei and X-Static

    March 30, 2017 by 진75369

    So Chapter 41 revealed some interesting bits about Wellston, especially its former King Rei. He seems very similar to X-Static. I have a theory that Rei and X-Static are the same person, but that has yet to be confirmed by Uru-chan.

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  • 진75369


    February 23, 2017 by 진75369

    In the case of John's and Seraphina's biographies, due to their lenghth, I will now be adding "arcs" that will divide them

    1 Shopping at Kovoro Mall-starts at Chapter 8, ends at Chapter 12

    2 Turf Wars-starts at Chapter 13, ends at Chapter 28

    3 Seraphina's absense-Starts at Chapter 29

    If you have any other suggestions for arc names, feel free to comment and I will take them into consideration.

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  • 진75369

    Uru-chan and the Wiki

    February 13, 2017 by 진75369

    Rejoice my fellow editors of UnOrdinary Wiki, we have been recognized by Uru-chan as a source of information! Let us keep showing our gratitude for the series by keeping up our edits. :D

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  • 진75369

    Crail and Mardin

    January 26, 2017 by 진75369

    Good day UnOrdinary commuinty, as you have noticed, I have deleted the page regarding Crail Mardin. This is because Crail and Mardin appear to be separate characters from each other and as far as I can tell, were never confirmed to be the same person. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    1. Crail almost looks exactly the same as he did in the past except with a different hairstyle

    2. Crail has darker hair and skin than Mardin.

    3. Crail wears his uniform differently when compared to Mardin.

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