UnOrdinary Ch14

Agwin and Wellston teams at the Battlefield

The Battlefield is an arena used by Wellston Private High School, Agwin High School, and possibly other schools for Turf Wars. It was prominently featured in the Turf War Arc.

Description Edit

The Battlefield is a large and flat open-air dirt plain. It is quite far from Wellston Town and one needs to ride a train for a long time to get there. Although it is a remote and seemingly deserted location, some buildings can be seen in the distance.

While there are no structures of any kind on the Battlefield, it is near an underground transit station.

Plot Edit

Turf War Edit

The Turf War between Agwin and Wellston took place here.[1]

Monster Edit

Arlo took John here to supposedly "run some errands". Instead, he led him into an ambush with Ventus and Meili.[2]


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