Arachnid is the ability to grow spider-like legs.

Description Edit

Arachnid allows its user to sprout gigantic, sharp, spider-like legs from their back which can be used for offense or defence.

Usage Edit

Users of this ability can control their spider-legs with precision and finesse, being able to block energy attacks and hit running targets.

The maximum number of legs the user can sprout is unknown but Rein has been shown to utilize at least eight,[1] which is likely the maximum. This ability also can be used to jump very high and move very quickly.[2]

Strength and Limitations Edit

Users of the Arachnid ability are gifted with incredible strength, defense, range, and agility thanks to their versatile spider-legs. The spider-legs themselves are long and extremely powerful and durable as they can crack the solid ground below, effortlessly stab and cut through human skin, and block attacks such as Energy Beams. Users can also overwhelm opponents thanks to their multiple legs.

Arachnid users are not invincible however, and can easily be defeated by those of higher level as shown in Rein's battle against Arlo.[1]


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