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Some Help

I don’t know if any of you unO fans might also read LUMINE, but I’m gonna need some help. I know this has really nothing to do with unOrdinary, but LUMINE’s Fandom is fall apart. Like literally. If any of you guys have some extra time, and read LUMINE, I would really appreciate if you helped out on LUMINE’s Fandom to build it back together. I really hope that in the future, LUMINE’s Fandom can be something like ours. Thank you for your time and support! :)

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Idk if it’s just me or some silly coincidence but, I kinda realized something. When I was reading Lumine, I realized that there was a female named Sera. I believe that the author just liked that name, or read uru’s unOrdianry and got that name. What do you think?

Comment what you think in the commenting section.

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Enough of this, its been several chapters of Unordinary yet were still doing this? Ever since johns ability was discovered all hes been was a asshole. From kindhearted to just a pure asshole, but If that was the only problem I could live with that. My problem is that we have the same recycled plot over and over and over again we have been get NO DEVELOPMENT from john at all, the fight scenes aren't even good its literally just john punching people like its a beat em' up video game. I've honestly lost interest in the series this has been going on ever since chapter 56, I thought Johns new personality was bad ass I honestly did but whats the point of continuing when your just gonna dump johns passive personality out the window and just make him a dull ANGRY all the time state. All he does is go around beating up people for no reason while most of the people he beat up were reasonable like that chick that pushed sera down the stairs some were just totally UNCALLED for. Let me know what you think about this situation

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Episode 125 Discussion

So, when I read the episode. I noticed one thing. At first I was like, why is John attacking random people. But then as the episode progressed I figured out why. Tanner has regeneration ability and John was deeply injured. So, to heal himself, he attacked Tanner. It is one of John's ability to read the enemy and make estimations of their power. So , he tried to provoke Tanner into using his ability so that John could copy it. It was to John's added advantage that Rouker was having Missiles as an ability which lead to an added advantage for John.

When John goes to the roof, he had beat up Abel , who had explosion as an ability.

Comparing the ability charts , I came to a conclusion. John is trying to make his stats full . So, that he can rescue Sera. Isen's ability Hunter , would not only allow John to amplify it's power , but also increase the Defense and Speed , which he currently lacks in his ability chart.

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• 1/13/2019

Minor Characters

So, currently, I have been thinking, what would you guys consider a "minor character?"

Should characters like Tanner or Waldo have their own pages?

Feel free to comment your thoughts here!

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• 1/10/2019

Boom Kid a High Ranker?

In chapter 111, we meet a student that has fancy, brown(?) hair. He kicked Sera and John for being on the roof. In the latest episode, chapter 124, he is seen again and again he threatens to kick John out. After he does that, he says "The last thing any HIGH-RANKER would wanna see up here is your stupid face". Could this mean that he is either ranked #8 or #9 in Wellston?

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• 1/8/2019

John's behaviour........

from chapter 100 onward, I've seen that John acts like a dick to everyone. I get that he's afraid to use his powers but why does he beat up everyone so badly???,Like the green haired girl I mean am I the only one who feels this way???

I get that the inspector dude did some weird shit to him and broke his psyche so he's afraid to use his powers but is there any fro him now and him in middle school???

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• 1/2/2019

Added Jokes

Check out John and Remi's page to see the joke-filled captions! If you can find a more concise jokes that are funny, feel free to do so!

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• 12/30/2018
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• 12/6/2018


Hello, UnO Wiki and all its editors! I have a question regarding image captions!

Should they be Hilarious in nature like the captions of, or should they be informational like they are now?

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• 10/21/2018

Arc 14 naming

Okk, Arc 14 (episodes 100- latest) is in need of a name! This arc mainly encompasses Seraphina dealing with her ability loss. Any suggestions?

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• 10/18/2018

Hey does anyone know if there is a discored for unordinary or webtoon

Hello i wanna know if there is a discored for webtoon or unordinary cause talking to other peeps who like unordinary and or web toon sounds amazing

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• 10/18/2018

A more detailed look a John's Abilities and some Hypotheses

Buckle up, because this is going to be a long read.

I've been sitting around for a while looking through past chapters trying to figure out just how johns ability works, at least roughly. We can't figure out his ability level because his only static stat is trick at 10, all is other stats fluctuate greatly depending on who's abilities he copies. So the level equation is useless. not to mention the fact that we have no idea how it even works. We have no way of measuring "Mastery" or "Potential", nor do we have any number to go off of, but I digress. We also can't figure out how long he is able to use an ability he copies. We can take guesses, but its hard to tell just how long assuming its on a timer and not some other factor like memory. Though its likely not that either.

What we do know is this:

1. John has the ability to copy other abilities by seeing someone use it.

2. John can see aura's, basically the energy it takes to use an ability.

3. He does not need to have his ability active in order to copy it. (ch. 71, his ability was off up until he started healing Sera, Elaine's ability was off when he activated his.)

4. His stats change depending on who's ability he takes.

5. It seem to take some kind of conscious effort from john in order to copy an ability. He does not just see someone and automatically know it.

6. He is able to combine aspects of more than one ability in order to create unique moves,i.e. Blades of Wind using Whirlwind and Demon Claws.

Now the evidence for most of this is obvious. Its the conscious effort part that is the slightly more difficult, although its still not hard to notice. As is apparent in ch.112, His regeneration stat is only a 1, while Juni's is a two. Now I will get into johns confusing stats in a second, but recovery is one of the stats that is always as high as the person with the highest recovery. So it should have been 2 if he had copied Juni's ability, but it wasn't. So we can assume that he didn't take it. That or his stats are more confusing that I initially thought.

Now on to John's stats. So, johns stats are weird. The only static stat he has is trick and everything else changes. Because of this he also cant be put into the level equation to figure out what level he is. But one thing I noticed is that whenever he copies an ability, it is amplified by some small margin. What seem to be around 1.5-2.0 points. At first I thought it might be additive in some way, stacking on to some kind of base stats. So I spent a good amount of time trying to see if I could figure out his base stats. But it turns out that this is not always the case. For example when he copied both Ventus and Meili's abilities, his Defense was only increased to 3, both of their defense level. But in the case of Zeke in chapter 108, his defense and power are higher by about 2 points. Then it struck me, Maybe john is just better at using Zeke's ability than he is. Think about it, Johns ability is all about taking other abilities, so if he gets good at all of the general types of abilities (Physical enhancement, increased movement speed, etc.) Then he might just know a better way of manipulating his ability. Maybe using the defensive form on his fist and using that to land a harder punch when Zeke can't even use both form at once. Something like that. I mention this concept a little more in the last paragraph if you wan't to see me talk about it further, but for now i'm going to continue with john.

If it is not what was stated above, then he probably has some low base stats that abilities are added on to. This is going to be mostly assumptions as I'm going to be using the level equation, or at least the way it is understood on the wiki. Using the Level equation, we can use his original level of 1.2 in order to figure out just how many points he has. Basically, it is Level equal to the total added stat points(P) times the level of mastery(M, being either 1 or 2) all divided by 10. Using this, he should have a total of 12, meaning that he could have some reasonable stats. If you put it into a calculator with an extra 5 due to his max trick, he would actually end up a 3.4 without copying any abilities, which is pretty good. But this stuff is not very applicable given that is seems that stats don't really have much to do with "Potential" or "Mastery". They seem to be completely independent variable on there own. Blyke can increase his speed by using the thrust of his lasers in order to move faster. Potential and Mastery affect the stats, not the other way around. Mastery also has way more influence than potential, which makes sense, but I digress.

Now, how john actually copies an ability seems pretty straight forward. As far as I can tell, he NEEDS to see the ability in an active state in order to copy it. He does not need to have his ability active to copy it, he just needs to see it. Now one thing that come's to mind is weather or not he needs to see the person or the ability itself. For Example, he sees Arlo's Barrier but not Arlo, can he copy it? Given that he can see aura's, and as far as I can tell no one else can, I get the impression that his ability to copy is linked to the aura in some way. Sort of like how Remi can see things like electrical currents even when her ability is off, and when its on she can control electricity. So maybe johns is similar in that he can sense aura's and such, But when his powers are on he can control it in some way, weather it be his own or someone else's. Because of this, what I propose is that the aura is possibly the "DNA" of an ability. He reads the information and copies it using his own energy/aura. I'm likely not the first person to propose this idea, but its not like I'm looking.

So the only thing left are Johns actual level. As previously stated, its impossible to find out johns level with his stats the way they are, so its really just a guessing game based on gut feeling. He's at bare minimum a 6 because he beat Arlo. Stat wise, he could easily become a 10 if he finds the right people. But, his mastery and potential are absurdly high given how much versatility his ability has and his general mastery over it. He has to rank very high. If I where to guess, probably around Seraphina level if not higher. Keep in mind that he is proficient in all the common types of abilities, but likely not in all the rare ones given how few of them there are. You can find 100 guys who can run fast, but its not often that you find one that can stop time. So he would probably lose to Seraphina in a 1v1, but give him some time and he might be able to beat her. Though I am unsure of this given that he has been proficient in every ability he has copied up to this point, including things like Barrier and Whirlwind.

That's all I have in terms of info on john's ability. This is all of it compiled into one area. I hope this is some nice food for though. Tell me if I missed something or if you have an idea of your own. If there's anything I know, it's that a group of people trying to figure out something is much better then just one person. Some of you likely saw some details that I didn't and I would love to know about them. If we put out heads together, we can probably get very close to figuring out how john's ability works. Thanks for reading!!

This is in reference to the 3rd paragraph on how ability mastery could be more than just use in combat. Mostly this is on a different type of growth and and growth of an ability in general. Lets use Seraphina as an example. Tell me, how hard it is to master the ability to stop time in combat? The answer in not hard. You freeze everyone and hit them all while they are frozen in space. It may have taken some time to figure out things like rewind and such, But the result is the same. You move extremely fast, hit extremely hard, and can take down groups in an instant with out really giving it much through. Its like Saitama, all tactics fall in the face of absolute power. So what else is there to master? Given that she was able to beat her mom with basically the same ability, there is probably something more than just application in combat. For example, freezing everything but one small spot, being able to have the freeze spread faster than it initially could. There could be more to using a power than just how its used in combat, kind of like manipulating the energy to make it more effective, Make your skin harder, make you run faster, etc. If I where to guess, this would probably be why john is so good at controlling all abilities he runs into. Odds are a lot of them just feel the same just with a different effect. All the increased movement ones feel similar, same goes for the defensive ones, ones that make you hit harder, so on and so forth. If this is not the case then she just had very little room for growth. John on the other hand had an enormous amount of room to grow. Like I said, mastery has a much larger influence over the level equation than anything else, as it moved him from a 1.2 to at least a god tier within the span of a year or so assuming he got picked up by Claire in high school. He may have taken the time to master all the different types of ability in order to never be taken by surprise. So he might just have a better feel for these abilities and how they work. As well as how energy works in general. He might know how to better use it or apply it to make it more effective. But this is just a hypotheses.

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• 10/7/2018

Theory: Ability Gauge Vendor, Teddy Bear, Seraphina's Attack, & the Truck are all tied together.

My theory is that the Ability Gauge Vendor, Teddy Bear, Seraphina's Attack, and the Truck are all tied together. Allow me to explain. First off, we know that in the Kovoro Mall, there is an ability gauge vendor. People with the overall level of 5 or higher receive a teddy bear. Seraphina tried the vendor because John made her, and she received a teddy bear for getting an 8.0. Remi later discovered that there was a tracking device on Sera's bear, and destroyed it. Later on, a woman came and asked Sera the time. Blah blah blah etc. Then a truck attacked her and the people (including that woman) had knifes and a serum that got rid of her power. It's not shown yet if it's permanent or temporary. And later that night, the same truck came to try to kidnap Sera. Luckily, John, Arlo, and Elaine helped stop them. Barely. I think this is all connected because people were tracking Sera the whole time, and it's highly likely that it all ties up with the tacking device in the teddy bear. Even if it was destroyed, the group already had kept an eye on her, so when the tracking device was destroyed, it was too late. Maybe this is all tied to EMBER? I'm not sure, because EMBER is obviously tied to the government to stop vigilantes. So what do you think?

What do you think?
  • Yes?
  • No?
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• 10/3/2018

Passives and Cecile’s ability

Okay, so we pretty much already know Arlo, John, and Remis passive, but what about Seraphina? In chapter 68, Seraphina had almost been hit by the car. She has said “I should’ve been able to dodge that easily.” Honestly, for someone who didn’t have their ability activated, she was pretty fast even while having her abilty affected by that damper thing. This made me think that maybe her passive is quicker reflexes? I’m not sure.

Anyways, regarding Cecile, I thought maybe it is the ability to like summon items? When she was first interrogating Isen, she used a rope-like thing to the him up, which was glowing from her ability. Then in chapter 109, when she “challenged Arlos authority” she used her ability to attack him with what seemed an awful like the needles Lin uses. Both ropes and needles are items, but I’m not that sure of this theory. Tell me what you think!

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• 10/2/2018

Random observation

In Episode 109, Arlo finally picks up on Sera's logic of picking someone lower rank if they're better (Sera thinking Blyke would be a better Jack than Cecile even if of lower rank), when he makes Isen head of the school press.

In reference to Remi's theory about high-tiers being limited in ep. 50, could Arlo be losing his sense of total order, as Sera loses her sense of total perfection? Hmm...

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• 9/27/2018

Abilities and Maturity

Hello good people! Today, I would like to spark the topic of abilities and the age of characters. So from what we have learned from Uru-chan's bonus chapter, abilities have both a potential component and a mastery component, which basically shows that the more one uses their ability, the higher their level can potentially be. However, in Chapter 110, we get to see more of what abilities are like in a person's early phase of life. As shown by a young Seraphina, we can imply that during her grade-school years, her ability was not yet manifested, or at least, not yet usable at the time, as evidenced by her need of self-defense training. Furthermore, we also see John, during his time at New Bostin in flashback getting beaten up, and his former level of 1.2. Taking this into account, along with Keon's statement about John being a "late-bloomer" may imply that abilities sometimes manifest in different phases of a person's life. These are just my thoughts...what do you all think? I'd like to hear what other fans have to say!

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• 9/13/2018

John/Tuesday Connection

For those who have read the most recent episode of Unordinary, we can all see that John had used a lunch bag as his disguise to attack Zeke. But as you may have noticed, the bag was labeled with the word "Tuesday." While most may have seen this as just a date, going into the origins of Tuesday may shed some light on John or just some well-placed references. Tuesday comes from the Old English word Tiwesdæg that means Tiw's Day or Tyr's day. Tyr, for those who don't know, is the Norse god of war and justice.

Now making a connection, John in a way did start a war, though a rather swift one, with himself against his classmates back in New Boston. And other than that, he is seen quite often butting heads with his current schoolmates and pissing them off. And as of this episode, we can see him bring "justice" or take revenge on Zeke for what he has done. Now, lastly, a good majority can say that his unfathomable ability can be described as godly in comparison to others and there is a rank called god tier.

What are your thoughts, comment down below?


* God tier sounds like "God Tyr" doesn't it.

* Also, doesn't John look like the Zodiac Killer in his outfit.

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• 9/13/2018

John Vs Keon (A future episode possibility )

I was reading the current episodes and I thought about something. What if John ( in the future episode) copies the ability of Keon , when he reappears after he gains a warrant ?

In the past , John was too mentally weak against Keon's power. It was connected to him personally. So, he had no choice but to watch the scenery unfold in front of him. So let's speculate on what could happen .

So, by that time , John would mask himself to defeat the people who bully Seraphina , and at the same time masking his identity. Honestly speaking, I actually knew John would do something like that , in order to protect Seraphina, so the current episode wasn't much surprising to me. This would possibly lead to an opening for Keon to re-appear. He knows that John has an ability and would suspect ( I believe even Isen and the printing press crew would know this fact, maybe even Arlo regarding the paper bag dude ) him with the strange occurring. It's possible even Remi would get a bit suspicious over it . But I can't say for now what Remi would think . Back to the main point, Keon could get a warrant this way and then talk to John and looking through his memories to find the truth. (Assuming that he is able to do this )

Then, John might ( It's not a theory , but a possibility ) use his powers to copy Keon's ability and show him maybe something related to Keon's own past or how he had abused children trying to make them right ?Mainly , I guess it would be late-bloomers , since Keon had mentioned about it. I don't know but John might be able to overcome his "repeated nightmares"( Thanks to Keon ) and use Keon's ability against him.

Surely Keon could be bullied in the past for his powers. I mean at first sight ,he can't have any physical powers , but more of a mental one.

Sorry for being inactive , I didn't have many theories to write from the current episodes as I didn't have much proof . I was mainly waiting to see what happens and then theorize over it.
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• 8/10/2018

The odd case of John's ability

Why am I making another John post? Because I can.

So, John's Ability is known to likely be some sort of Aura Mimicry. It is by far one of the most powerful and mysterious abilities seen so far. But, as we all know John before high school was ranked at 1.2 before skyrocketing to what I assume is at least an 8 (Because reasons). But why is that? Well, here is my thought on the strange case of John's ability!

First things first, John's ability seems to either bring abilities to its level, or seems to multiply them by a factor of 2. So it is an obvious god tier ability, as he was able to beat Arlo with ease.

Because John has a Mimicry power he does not have an ability of his own persay. Which means that it must've been confusing for him at first, he doesn't have anyone to really teach him his ability...Because, well his mother obviously had the ability so she is likely deceased or gone. So, he probably thought that his power was likely his Aura Reading passive or he just had lack of mastery over his copied abilities.

It wasn't until Claire began helping him that he began to learn what it could really do. She knew he would become king thus helping him rather basic stuff. Helping him with Mastery over his copied powers because most abilities seem to follow a rather basic set of classes.

Projectiles: of course this has its own category on the wiki.

Enhancement: rather self explaining.

Defense: REALLY self explaining.

Healing: EVEN MORE self explaining.

Manipulation: Well, it is manipulation...

These are just the categories that I noticed most abilities fall into, now keep this in mind.

Claire could've at least helped him master the main categories, this still branches off to the even more unique abilities. Or, she could've just pushed him into finding out that he could mimic powers and the rest came naturally.

However, this is way too predictable and we will likely be tossed a curveball.

NOTE: Typing this, I came to the sudden realization that his Aura Reading could help explain why he has such quick reflexes in battle. He can predict that the moves from abilities are coming because he can see them turn active.
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